Can you imagine a life where you only said yes to things that you really wanted to do?

I’m talking about only doing the things you want to do in your personal life and in your business.

This means never doing a single thing or attending any affair out of obligation. You never do another favor for someone unless you really want to.

You don’t overgive to a client unless it feels really good.

You could change any plan at the last minute because something better did come along.

You could watch movies in the middle of a weekday. You could have sex out in nature just because it’s Tuesday.

You could drop a few grand on a new toy because you were near some sand and needed something to ride on it.

Can you imagine a life where you followed your bliss and you made a shit ton of money?

Can you imagine making well beyond 7 figures because you only focused on a few things that excited you out of your mind… even though they broke every rule in your niche?

Can you imagine having the best time and all of the details always worked out?

Can you imagine never taking anything personal because nothing is personal?

Can you imagine living in freedom rather than dreaming about it?

Can you imagine saying no to people who bring you down, stress, or depress you?

Can you imagine having only stimulating conversations?

Can you imagine crossing off one or two things a week on your “someday” list?

Can you imagine never worrying about money again?

Can you imagine always knowing that you’ll always get your needs met?

Can you imagine loving your body and soul?

Can you imagine living dreams you hadn’t even thought of?

Can you imagine that all it takes is saying yes and “deciding” to live in this kind of manner to make it real?

The word that unlocks all the magic is “pleasure.” Or another powerful word to live by is “pleasing” yourself.

These are words to true fulfillment, prosperity, and joy… no matter what your head or other people try to guilt you otherwise.

Funny thing is, it’ll also end up creating happy people around you. It’s your life. You decide. If not now, when?

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