I’m a huge fan of American Idol. Some of the feedback from the judges is very uncoach-like and disempowering. However, they do emphasize over and over to the contestants several points that I love:

-Play to win. Act like you want to beat the competition.
-Be consistent with who you are being on stage. Know who you are as a singer.
-Sing the songs you’d like to do if you were already a recording artist.
-Connect with the song you are singing. We want to feel your passion. 

This advice can be used in any profession, or as a volunteer, stay-at-home mom or dad, or retiree.

It’s about playing your position FULLY. No holding back or just trying to get through it. If you just go through the motions, no momentum is generated.

Act like the CEO. Sure, your paycheck may not reflect what the corporate big dogs are earning, but you’ll attract a greater sense of ease and passion, and eventually your own income will increase.

When you play your position full out, energy is created. That energy pulls together the people, places, and circumstances you need to move mountains.

Most small business owners are lazy. Not lazy in the number of actions they take. I mean lazy about their commitment to achieving their desired end result.

A new client was recently complaining that sales were almost half of what they used to be (this happened long before the excuse of the economy… and that IS an excuse!).

I asked my client if he set weekly targets for new customers.


I asked if he was giving his current customers the best service possible.


Employees do the same thing. They let stuff fall through the cracks. They like to blame Joe Blow for any breakdowns in their department. They’re not thinking about the impact of each thing they do or conversation they have. They’re on autopilot… just trying to get through the day.

Some of you who aren’t working are even falling down on your job of enjoying your time off. You act bored. You’re not doing the things you most enjoy.

Even if you’re looking for a new job, you need to act like someone who is going to score the best position ever. Get into the job search with eager anticipation. It’s much more attractive than the person who is desperate or despondent.

Retired?  Are you fully relaxing, socializing, and doing the things you dreamed of? It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money or not, there is much joy to be found in everything you do and every person with whom you connect.

I tell people all the time: own your position. Don’t just go through the motions. That’s BORING and unsatisfying to everyone involved!

Take the American Idol judges’ advice and make your life and work be your passion. Do it in a way that connects to your heart. Be fully present and totally go for it.

As a mom, I always check in with myself to make sure I’m playing my position. I want to have fun with my boys in the car, when we’re on walks, or when we’re hanging out at home. I want to hold boundaries with them and not be wishy-washy. I want my sons to know what they can expect from a mom who wants to rock their world.

(Mostly I just want to stay out of their way as much as possible. Those kids are tapped in!)

In my business, I’m committed to taking a stand for ease and joy for my clients. I treat all of our customers as if they were million-dollar clients. I don’t do this just because it makes good business sense; it’s because life is more fulfilling when I play my position like I mean it.

What do you do to be the best at what you do? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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