This week I’m changing things up. Instead of an article from me, I’m sharing a poem from my dear friend, Will Corley. I consider him pure genius when it comes to business leadership coaching. Do not read this if you’re going to skim. It is to be taken to heart. It can be applied to any area of your life. I ask that you look deep into yourself to see where you may not be awake. Where do you hide, or make do? Let’s shake up those patterns. It’s time to create a new story. Patterns I see the patterns that form our lives Algorithms we create, shape Binding us together quite capable of pulling us apart. What does this mean In the scheme of things? What can we I learn from these patterns that stare at us but we don't see? Where we find pain out of complacency. Because it is here we circled again and again. I see it in the eyes of friends. I awaked (not necessary on my own accord) unwitting accomplices with so much at stake. Our life together, as we knew, heard the drum roll. Now I lay awake To what is possible To who we are To what we were What we can be In its wake. Knowing whether we know it or not We are shapers of our fate But here is the key It happens everyday We naturally or least I did Get lazy Even smug In our reality, that dance, the dance we create between us. Rarely speaking of or addressing what we knew. My message is it is never too late to escape these patterns that have become like our neighbor next door like clothes to tight not feeling just right. We feel the pull the weight of gravity, of these patterns of the night. Some are lights friends in the dark Binding us together. Only to pull us apart. Some are lights lighting our way. Who's to say. What does it mean What can we learn from these patterns that grip us. These patterns shaping us. The trick is to create light from these shadows shadowing us circling our lives. Once seen for what they are, we must engage each other bring honesty to the table, The time to deny is over we awake no longer unwitting accomplices sealing our fate. To seek then what is possible. What we can become. What we can be. Together or not. Creating new patterns circling like eagles seeking to believe seeing now with new eyes once so blurred now seems so clear landing who knows where. Finding new patterns slipping on like rings rediscovering who we are in old and new relationships In fields of tall grass where we might dream. where we might truly release who we are. Take a breath. Take a step into what awaits, even though the life you created beckons you back. What awaits is beyond your horizon, is far from assured or comfortable, and yet can you not feel the breeze, a breeze to what is new, what is free, You understand now, what must grow from what is old, Preparing for what will arrive. To ponder what is already forming, landscaping, emerging. arriving every day changing rearranging defining authoring our lives Can you not see these patterns sometimes like dim lights but always if we look close enough in plain sight. Dr. Will Corley has been an Executive Coach since 1998. He has worked as a psychologist, manager, and educator for 20 years with a unique understanding of people, business and leadership. Will coaches business professionals and teams to reveal existing leadership skills and reach their potential as leaders.
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