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Obesity is Not Hereditary
By Jeanna Gabellini, Master Coach

I have great compassion for anyone fighting obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease or even Obsessive-compulsive disorder.  All of these can cause great suffering to your health, wealth and emotional stability.

When most coaching clients begin telling me about their health goals, many mention that their health condition is hereditary.  I have to stop them and let them know that there is no health condition that is passed on through genes from their parents.

This is really good news.  That means that nobody’s health is doomed based on their family’s health history.  However, the environment you grew up or the beliefs your family instilled in your brain can have a huge impact on your health.

Your body is responding to your thoughts, beliefs and both physical and emotional stress.  If one of your caregivers had battles with their thyroid and/or weight, you may have adopted beliefs based on what you heard and witnessed.  These beliefs created your state of health.

You can break any cycle…but you have to be able to understand how your thought process has impacted your health.  I know this all may sound wild, but there is much scientific evidence that will back this up.

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