Nothing Is TOO Outrageous

Have you ever had one of those desires that made you smile when you thought about having it? Maybe you imagined enjoying the sights on your dream vacation to Europe or on a remote island.

I love imagining surprising my dad with a house overlooking the delta waterways with his boat parked out front. I also like thinking about paying off my mom’s mortgage or paying for a cruise for my 100 favorite people.

It’s such a wonderful feeling to daydream about things that make your heart sing.

There comes a point in your life where you decide that rather than just adding things to your life’s Wish List (or Bucket List) that you are going to move it over to the “I’m going to go for this desire this year” side of the paper.

It’s an exciting moment... when you decide to make it real.

The first time you share this decision with someone can feel empowering. It can also bring out that nasty voice saying, “Are you kidding?! That desire is way out of your range. That is too big of a goal.”

Over the years, I’ve had many clients come to me with very fun and creative business ideas. Attached to those ideas were visions of wealth coming their way while they lived their passion. Unless they’re used to living out on the leading edge, there is a moment (or two or three) where they say, “Am I nuts for thinking I can do this? Is this too outrageous of a goal?”

My reply is always the same, “There is nothing that is too outrageous or impossible.”

Everything is a good idea. If it lights you up when you think about it, it’s a good path to follow. Passion drives all good ideas, whether they are business focused or for personal pleasure and play.

Some years ago, I took a steam train from Felton, CA, to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. All day long I saw manifestations that came from someone’s inspired idea… and they made it a reality:

  • Steam train rides during the holiday season that are lit up with thousands of lights
  • Steam train that goes on a downtown historic street (which cars also drive and park on) of Santa Cruz several times a day
  • Amusement park at the beach
  • A blimp flying through the sky with passengers aboard
  • Automobile that zips down roads at 100 mph
  • Tunnels that are blasted straight through mountains
  • Deep-fried cheesecake and Twinkies
  • Baby monitor that allows you to listen to your child from the other end of the house
  • Pier lined with restaurants and shops
  • Cotton candy
  • Chocolate-dipped ice cream cones (how does the ice cream not fall out of the cone when it’s been dipped upside down?!)
  • Cash register that rings up the total of multiple items and automatically adds sales tax

You have great ideas all the time. Choose to move forward with one. You get to pick your pleasure. Next, decide the very first baby step to get it in motion.

No baby step means it stays on the bucket list side of the paper.

Begin now and the wind will be at your back. So will the Universe. ;-)




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