Francisco is a big guy with a friendly personality. No matter what time I used to go to the gym, he was there. 

One day he asked me what I did for a living. As it always does, his interest piqued when I told him I was a business coach. 

He ended up telling me that he owned his own landscaping business, and that he should be a coach because he motivates his crew. He tells them, “I don’t want excuses, I just want results.”

The longer I listened to Francisco, the more I knew he needed my services even though his motivational tactics made me giggle aloud. 

His delivery needed some improvement. Employees (or anybody for this matter) don’t usually respond well to sarcasm or being made wrong. 

But Francisco did have a great point: No excuses, just results. 

Could we exist in that kind of environment, where there were only results and no justifications or complaining? 

I believe so. It could actually be freeing.

What it looks like in my vision:

Once you choose a goal or desired outcome, you commit to it. You get very clear that you will have that outcome. You get your head in the space to see it to completion. 

You rally with your team or others involved to get the passion and excitement going.

If you need help, you ask for it. You put on music or create the environment around you that breeds success. You arrange your schedule to make it easy to focus on the goal. 

You pump up your belief that you and anyone else involved are capable.

You speak your truth, assuming that you’ll be supported. You communicate to the team in a way that everyone can hear you. You’re ready, willing, and able to get it done together.

Because you assume your goal will be met, you’re of clear mind and can intuit the next steps. You assume there is a solution to any roadblocks and seek it out.

What happens when you’re not committed to the results:

You let outside circumstances pull you off course. You buy into limitations, often doubting that the outcome is even possible. 

You make the journey miserable for yourself and others and continue to communicate why it won’t work.

You keep it a secret if you’re stuck or need help (aka being the Lone Ranger). You create long stories (aka excuses) about why something didn’t happen rather than simply stating the truth. When you procrastinate or make a mistake, you blame everything and/or everybody else.

You never really choose, commit, or get behind the goal. 

But, if you always leaned into “no excuses, just results,” you’d always have the energy and inspiration for whatever needs to be done.

In the book, The One Minute Millionaire, a woman is required to create $1,000,000 in 90 days or she’ll lose custody of her children. 

Is there an option in her mind to fail? Heck, no! 

She’s going to get the money so she can have her kids. If she bought into all the reasons why it wasn’t possible, she’d never even get started.

She leans into her commitment and just does what needs doing.

And who decides what needs doing? Your inner guidance, of course. It always knows the next best step.

No excuses… just results.

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