There’s a disease infecting entrepreneurs everywhere.

It’ll get you whether you’re young or old.

New to business or a badass for decades... you’re susceptible.

You can’t get it from another person... because its curse bubbles from within.

It’s called spotlight fright.

It’s the fear that your expertise, product, program, or service isn’t good enough to be center stage in your industry.

It’s the belief that you need to learn more, have more clients, make more money, or get validation from outside of yourself before you think you can take your niche by storm.

Symptoms include but are not limited to...

  • You implement mediocre things to grow your business.
  • You hesitate before jumping fully into decisions that’ll catapult your business.
  • You play it safe or drag a foot. One foot on the gas, one on the brake.
  • You beat yourself up for not doing or being enough. You think... if I just do more, something will click.

But it doesn’t click...

... because you haven’t decided that you’re ready enough to be one of the best. You know your solution is superior... but you still don’t allow yourself to be famous in your niche.

Maybe you think you’ll have to do something that feels hard to get there. Maybe you think you have to get more certifications under your belt. Maybe you think it’ll cost you your values. 

Maybe this, maybe that.


Stop wasting time on all of this malarkey. While you hang back in the shadows, others are claiming their place in the space.

There’s nothing wrong with staying where you are, unless...

  • You know you want more people to have access to their dreams.
  • You want to heal people emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally with your solutions.
  • You want a healthier income for yourself.
  • You want to help more people.

Allow yourself to be seen as the number one provider of that thing that your 5-star tribe needs and craves so badly.

Decide to be niche famous.

You personally don’t have to step into the spotlight (unless you want to), but for goodness sake, decide that your products, programs, and services are ready. Even if they’re just becoming, they’re ready.

The more people see you, the more feedback you get. The more you’ll be inspired to make your “thing” even more kickass.

Even when you think what you offer is 5-star, you’ll find that when it’s in the spotlight, ideas flow through you at lightning speed. Making the necessary moves feels easy. It’s energizing.

Space and time open up for you. More gets done in less time. And it’s not fluff stuff. It’s the important stuff.

The stuff that moves the needle.

Please. Please. Don’t sit on your awesomeness. Don’t hide your gifts.

Bust out. Let your perfect clients, customers, and patients see you.

It’s an energy thing. It’s a strategic thing. 

But most important, it’s a decision first.


Be internet famous.

(Next week I’ll open up registration for a free 5-day kickstarter to help you. Phew!)

What do you think will happen when you allow your products, programs, and services to be in the spotlight?

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