DavidMy guest expert this week is THE guy when it comes to any topic relating to health and your body. He was the co-creator of the mind-blowing information in my Infallible Health Home Study Course. He is where science and attraction collide in perfect harmony. Enjoy this article complements of my friend and colleague, David DiFrancesco. The Science of Disbelief In creating a new reality for yourself, you may have gotten trapped, without even realizing it. You may have been thinking of desires smaller than what you really wanted. Why? Because you decided, before even taking one step, where you will stop and fail. Remember, if there is something you wish to experience, you have the ability to attract it. All thought is energy, and everything that is dreamed in your mind exists immediately, waiting for you to allow it to come in physical form. Everything that surrounds you right now, the computer you are reading this on, the chair you are sitting in, the vehicle you drive, even the music you listen to, existed first as a thought in someone’s mind. Your desires exist, but there are many reasons why they’ve either not manifested in physical form or have been such a lengthy struggle. All the desires you have put out there and wish to manifest, while they seem to be the biggest dreams you can imagine, I dare say are not the biggest of what is possible. You see, our minds are not wired to allow it. We are still acting through physical bodies with every survival instinct and system intact. And survival is all about conserving energy. When you are moving into something new, even if it’s something better, it requires expending energy and your mind and body will retaliate against it. Always. Through certain synapses firing, (hormonal and chemical reactions) your mind, with the body supportively reacting, will remind you of all the reasons ('excuses' you’ve created) against the desire. Emotions such as fear and thoughts you accepted as a child such as ’worthiness’ suddenly rear up and you’ll physically sabotage what actions you felt inspired to take. You create your deepest desire, then immediately run that desire through all sorts of filters and expectations, supported by your mind and body. All the voices in your head chime in, and one of the deepest, our desire to maintain social acceptance (fear of success) come up. Don’t discount social expectations. Our need to belong is a survival instinct from thousands of years of living interdependent and where those who stood out or were different were killed. Successful people get noticed and become targets. Even just the unsupportive words from friends and family can bring this survival instinct forward. Then you ‘lower’ your desires to something you feel you can believe or feel will be accepted. Ending up with a desire that is a mere shadow of what you created an energetic level. Certainly not inspiring. You are asking for one thing, and trying to create another. That’s a process designed to frustrate. There is a solution! Allow the first thought, your most desired dream, to be your desire. Your mind will scream to filter it. Do not screen it no matter how unbelievable, unattainable or scary it may seem. Don’t consider the how, or the why, the if, the reactions of others or your worthiness of it. Next, think of the next step, and only the very next step you would need to take, to act on your dream. Then do just that step. And after that, think of the next step, and do that. And so on. While being aware of where your path is taking you - your larger desire - what you are really focusing and acting on is the ‘bite sized’ parts that lead to it. For example, think of a desire to walk across the globe on foot. What you will really be concentrating on, creating around and energetically connecting with is completing the first mile. Then focus on the next mile. Then the fuller goal WILL be believable and thus actionable. Focusing on the ‘smaller desires’ is not affirming you are settling for less, for there is still the larger desire in place. What we are creating here is a system of belief in the physical environment that matches the level of your desire at the energetic level to allow physical manifestation to happen. Each of these smaller desires will be totally believable and totally attainable. While some of it may still seem scary, and unsupportive thoughts may still flit through your mind, they won’t be of the overpowering nature of what comes up around the larger desire and your mind and body will not work against you. With time, and in far shorter time than you can imagine, you will see more than sufficient evidence of your biggest desire coming into physical form. David Di Francesco is a lifelong expert in physiosensing, matching healing and channeling for the physical body. His clients breakthrough physical and mental limits with his coaching program ‘Bulletproof’ and physical training via ‘Warrior Workout’ which have been utilized by those training for the FBI, Navy SEALs and over 20 different Special Ops, martial art and private operator fields in six nations. For more info go to www.thelivingwarrior.com
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