Money Madness

Money MadnessHave you ever gotten ticked off about your financial status? I mean irritated, frustrated and just downright stuck? Darn it, you want to be able to buy whatever you want, when you want it. You were not born to be stressed about making money.

Are you still experiencing that desire to have a bit more cash around to feel more secure? You may even admit that you want an avalanche of money.

It doesn’t matter why you want the money.

Maybe you want to give it away to a cause that has meaning to you. Or you just want to simply be able to pay your bills on time. Maybe you’re like me and want true wealth to have any creature comfort you desire.

Any reason is worthy enough to attract money. The real question is, are you finally tired of feeling bad about money?

I have watched many clients, as well as myself, whine and fret about money and not do anything about it. What the heck is that about? Complain about your discomfort about money but keep thinking and doing the same things? You know what that’s called, right? Insanity. Yep, it’ll make you crazy to maintain the same results and not do anything different.

Get mad, not even.

Do you want to do something different but don’t know what to do? Great! Ask for help. That’s the first step. Do you know what action is needed but won’t do it? GREAT! Break down that step into even smaller steps, and take just one step. I’m serious. The momentum of even taking the time to take a baby step can change everything.

I don’t think it’s right to be suffering over a circumstance that’s absolutely within your control. It may feel out of your control, but it’s not. It all comes down to confidence. Yep! In order to have more money, you have to feel that you are worthy of more money and less struggle, and believe that you have the resources to attract more.

It’s incredible how easy it is to have money. But it only seems easy once you’ve done it a few times.

What’s the first step to get the actual money you desire in your pocket or bank account? Breathe. Look at the current situation and breathe. You do this to relax. Get present to what your current state is and accept it. Accept that it’s only real for this moment.

Next, you decide exactly where you’re going. Not wishful thinking here. Understand, you have a choice to keep getting the same results by doing the same thing or to get committed to something better. What is the something better?

Finally, get committed to stop all stressful thoughts about money. Get pissed off at that ego mind of yours. Tell it to shut up! You have a choice to get bogged down in the stress or choose simple, new habits. They can be small steps… refuse to create any new debt unless you need it… like food on the table. Or commit to one action a day that could potentially bring you new money. You can commit to paying $10 or more each month to a credit card payment (or $1000 if you have it).

Use your irritation to propel you forward. Step out of stress and defeat and into a more powerful emotion and do something new… one baby step at a time.  Tell me what will you step up to today?  What's the more powerful emotion you will step into?



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