Money Is Looking for You

Money Is Looking for YouPush the pause button on your life for a moment.

Take a nice deep belly breath in and let it out slowly. Do it again. Slowly…in and out.

Now imagine that the money you’ve been wanting is like a long-lost lover. There’s an emotional connection between you. You’ve been separated due to some past decisions. You’ve lost touch and have now come to the realization that you want this lover back in your life.

You may feel like finding your money is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Your money is looking for you, just as you are looking for it. It wants to be with you forever. All you have to do is let it in the door.

You see, it’s been knocking and you’ve been afraid to answer. You’ve been afraid that it will tease you. You think it’ll come in your life and then disappear again. Or you might think you’re not worthy of it yet, needing to struggle a bit more. You may think it’s just simply too good to be true.

Are you ready to trust that your beloved relationship with money is for real? That it will be loyal to you if you give it a chance? Your money wants to serve you. It sees you as worthy just as you are right now.

You see, this process is very real. If you decide to feel worthy of more money in your life and you literally put out the welcome mat, it will show up.

The decision is all up to you. You either let it in or you don’t. You either focus on it being missing from your life or you allow it in, with your arms open and ready to receive.

You’ll have to push the pause button on the worrying, concerns, stress and debating about money. This includes all things money related: your job or business, your mate’s income, how you spend your money, your future plans, your investments, what other people are making or spending, etc. You’ve got to stop tripping yourself up with your doubts. There is no logic in worrying; therefore it is not helpful to do so.

Your wealth is dependent on you simply opening up. It wants you as much as you want it. Decide. If there is an action you have to do to let it in, you’ll know. It will become very clear to you, and you won’t have to figure it out. You know what they call that, right? Yes, it’s inspired action. It’s all fun and games from that point.

Just like in the movies, your love story can have a happy ending!  So tell me in the comments:  What will be YOUR inspired actions today?


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