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Marketing can be a powerful client attractor, but it can never be more powerful than the mindset driving it. If you just shove your marketing emails, social media posts, ads, and requests for new business out there without managing the mindset behind them, you’ll struggle to get clients and the few you do get will be a bad fit.

You don’t want negative emotions layered into your marketing.

Marketing is all about sharing an incredibly valuable solution to the people who need it most.

It’s a gift. An act of love.

When you trust that your 5-Star Clients will see the value in your gifts, your marketing WILL do its job.

Marketing is a love connection not a gimme your money so I can survive interaction…

… even if you need that money to make your mortgage payment.

Marketing from a place of need is a turn off for your potential clients. They can immediately sniff out your hidden agenda.

If you want 5-Star Clients, then you need a 5-star mindset.

Here are 4 warning signs that your marketing mindset isn’t 5-Star:

#1 You’re choosing a type of marketing strategy that someone said was hot, but there’s no inspiration behind it for you. You’re just going through the motions.

#2 You’re desperate for clients and you’ll implement just about any strategy to get some money in the door.

#3 You’re using language in your communications that you think will get the sale, or sounds like good marketing lingo, but it’s all coming from your head… not your heart.

And #4 You’re hurrying. If you’re in a rush to get something done or you have a product or program launch deadline, I guarantee you’re not taking the time to really connect energetically to your 5-Star Client while creating your marketing materials.

The energy behind your marketing needs to be about giving, not receiving.

You always want to tune in to your heart before, during, and after marketing… or the fun stops and so does attracting new clients. Being a marketing rebel means not listening to marketing rules unless they fully ignite you.

Even the best marketing strategies are rendered useless, if your mindset sucks. In fact, searching for the perfect strategy is irrelevant. Once you have a 5-star mindset you’ll automatically choose and perfectly execute the most ideal strategies to attract your 5-Star Clients.

Throw out the rule book, cuz there isn’t one!

On average, what’s your marketing mindset…1, 2, 3 ,4 or 5-Star?

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Jeanna Gabellini
Good on you for powerful truth telling! Your clients must adore you!
Tricia Belmonte
Thank you for writing such an important article for all business owners to read! I just had this conversation with a client of mine where I asked him to do a video to take people to his webinar. I flat out told him his first 10 tries sucked. I told him to stop rushing it, look within, connect with his ideal client through his heart, feel their pain, and then to speak to the video camera. What a difference that made! People can truly sense when you care. They need to believe their pain is something you not only care about, but is your priority to solve for them.