I could give you at least 10 specific moneymaking strategies right now to double your profits. But you’d still have to shift your mindset, up your confidence, and have enough courage to take action.

So, I’m going to give you the easiest way I know to guarantee a massive spike in your income… and keep it in an ever-upward spiral.

But before I do, I need to warn you:

  • You’ll want to make this more complicated. You’ll think, “If it’s this easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?” Answer: They think it has to be more complicated.
  • You might think that while this works for other people, it won’t for you. No matter what you do, you can’t have profit explosions.
  • You’ll think my way is irresponsible and airy-fairy. Not concrete enough. Not serious enough.
  • You’ll want to see how many things you can get done in a day and then maybe, just maybe, you’ll try what I’m suggesting.

But don’t think like that! That’s exactly how business owners get in their own way, each and every day, and never make it to the top of their game.

Your business is not a hobby! A hobby is something into which people sink enormous amounts of time and money. They putter around with all the moving pieces, and there are no time constraints about accomplishing anything.

You want profits. You want this passion of yours to give you more time, security, and freedom.

However, there is one aspect of a hobby that I do agree with—your business should give you joy. And lots of it.

And that’s the secret, super-easy way to make money crazy fast! View your business as a playground. A place designed for you to have the most fun possible.

But you have to begin with fun. You can’t do the hard stuff and then say you’ll have fun when it’s done. Nope.

You see, when you come from a perspective that your biz is meant for you to express your passion and thoroughly enjoy yourself, you’ll be aligned with abundance.

Think about it, when you’re serious about work, you work hard. Things don’t fall into place easily because you’re sweating the details rather than joyfully putting them into place.

When you’re serious, you worry about finding your ideal solutions rather than allowing them to find you. You eke, push, will, and try to force your results into place.

When you’re in your fun zone—so in the moment, focused on the client or project that’s in front of you—you’re 100% a match to the very things you most desire. And then you manifest money fast because you’re open to it.

Seriousness pinches off your flow of prosperity.

Imagine that you have a massive sandbox. In it are all the parts of your business you most enjoy. There are some new toys in the box that look extra fun. They are new products and services that you’re about to create. There are tons of other cool kids there who want to play with you and increase your fun factor. The possibilities are endless. The ideas are endless.

Money is a by-product—unintended consequence, if you will—of the joy, fun, and adventures you’re experiencing. Don’t fool yourself into thinking there is any other faster way to manifest money or it will be a long and frustrating journey.

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Mary Welch
You are 100% correct. It is way to easy to overcomplicate business and forget that it is actually something for which I have passion. Shifting into joy and fun and service is a wonderful idea. I'm excited to have a profit explosion---it is coming. Thanks for the inspiration.