Make Money While You Learn

AMake Money While You Learncquiring new information can help you make wise choices, save you years of mistakes, and speed up your progress.

But often, entrepreneurs tell themselves they don’t know enough to attract clients or customers. They put off growing their business until they learn more.

If you’ve ever thought that you need more experience, more training, more certificates, or more education before you can go after your dream, you may have fallen into a common trap.

Most of you have enough knowledge to begin moving forward on any project or dream. Of course, learning new skills is required to rock your business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful right now.

Over twenty years ago, I took my first coaches training course. I immediately opened my coaching practice and built it while going through my certification process. In fact, the Coaches Training Institute requires you to have five clients before you do the training. They want you to practice your skills and make money while learning.

Your knowledge deepens as you take action and implement what you already know. I think that listening to seminars, reading books, and taking trainings are good eye openers, but they don’t actually give you knowledge. You have to use the information and see what results you get and then adjust your course. This is where knowledge is gained.

I can think I’m teaching a client how to grow their business by giving them information, but it’s not until I engage that client in their own process that the education begins. When you go within yourself and discover which beliefs, actions, and habits serve you well and which don’t, you’ll have moved up the learning curve.

Steve Droke said, “Knowledge is power and enthusiasm pulls the switch.” This quote is right on the money when it comes to building a business. I was running on pure passion and very little marketing knowledge when I built my business. It worked quite well for me. I filled my practice in record time.

As I gained more knowledge about marketing and abundance, I was able to grow it even more. But I had to be excited about the knowledge. If you learn new information and allow it to overwhelm you, you won’t do anything with it.

A little knowledge goes a long way when used with inspired actions… one baby step at a time.  What's your VERY NEXT baby step?



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