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Many people out there now know about the Law of Attraction. And a majority of those same people are very lazy about doing the processes, using the tools, and taking the time to actually be deliberate with their thoughts.

Essentially, the Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like.” In other words, wherever your attention goes, energy flows, and you attract more of that into your life—whether it is wanted or unwanted. In order to achieve the things you truly desire, you must have a positive frame of mind.

Let’s peek into the life of Fred. He has a career in a field he loves. He loves the coaching we do together and fully believes in the power of creating your own reality. 

He takes many notes during our sessions, making sure to capture his “a-ha moments,” any key points about attraction principles, and the inspired actions he wants to take during the week. He seems very excited to make his good life even better.

After a few months, I notice that Fred shows up for his coaching sessions with the same underlying issue. This issue tends to pop up in several different areas of his life. 

I check in with Fred to see if he’s being intentional each morning about how he wants the day to look and feel. Like a dog with his tail between his legs, he informs me that most days he does not take time to be intentional. 

It makes perfect sense to me why people experience the same obstacles or negative feeling over and over. They’re not taking the time to actually be directional with their focus. 

This practice is not hard, nor is it time consuming. In fact, it will seem like time expands when you do this. Life will begin to feel totally within your control. 

You can use ANY tool or process that helps you feel grounded, uplifted, and of clear mind. I’ve ranted many times to anyone seeking my advice on making any part of their life a success; make a decision about how you want things to go. Then commit to spending more time doing the things you enjoy. And above all, remember you were born with the power to manifest ANYTHING.

However! You can’t experience a life you love if you’re being lazy with your thoughts. You’ve got to practice what you know about Law of Attraction. You can no longer get sucked up in the problem. It will eat you alive. 

Solutions abound once you decide how each part of your life will be.

How will you be more deliberate?

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David Curtis
Great article! I would also like to mention that we need to be quick to respond to promptings from the Universe as well. I think a lot of people think that they can just visualize what they want and camp out on the couch until it shows up. This is not how it works. You need to be ready and prepared to act when a subtle synchronicity shows up and nudges you in a particular direction.
So true! I know this. I study the Abraham stuff. Why is applying it, starting the momentum, so difficult?..