Last Call for The Prosperity Game with Jeanna and Eva

Seriously. Are you serious about manifesting the stuff you keep saying you want in the next few months? If you said YES! then we’re super serious about getting you there in the most painless and speedy way possible. We have a proven record of coaching people to nail their most important goals in record time. Cool stuff our clients have manifested in less than 4 months:
  • $2,000,000 (yes million!)
  • Doubled their income
  • Tripled their rates
  • Going to ZERO debt
  • Cancer left their body without a trace (we’ve seen this happen a few times!)
  • Sold a house above asking price (this one happens often!)
  • Had their mate pop the question
  • And so much more!
So if you’re no kidding ready to manifest some crazy GOOD stuff in your life in the next 4 months, then get in our most popular program TODAY. "The Prosperity Game" a 4-month tele-course will show you how to manifest your most important goals … now. This is no powder puff class. This material changes the way you produce results in your life at a cellular level (strange, but true). It’s easier, faster and beyond what most people even think is realistic for them to accomplish. You’ll receive:
  1. 12 coaching & training calls
  2. Mastermind calls
  3. Forum to get coached in between sessions
  4. 90-Page Prosperity Game Playbook, Prosperity Checks and Register
Get the full scoop here: You will not get this kind of transformation anywhere else. In FUN and support, Jeanna P.S. Theos, Eva’s spirit guides, will give you direct access to your exact solutions during the Prosperity Game 4-month journey … guaranteed. Every time! It's no accident that you're reading this right now. Don’t miss this opportunity to uplevel every part of your life. Go here now:
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