When the going gets tough, it’s time to work that trust muscle. It takes faith to keep moving toward your dreams and financial goals… especially when the odds seem stacked against you. 

Whether you own your own business or work for somebody else, there’s only one thing you can count on… you. You have the ability to turn any circumstance into a favorable outcome. The key will be trusting that you have the ability to do that when the evidence all around makes it look like failure is coming. 

What’s the key to trusting that you can count on yourself to manifest anything you want? Courage. 

Let’s say the profits from your business are not looking good this month. You’re not sure you can cover all of your business expenses, let alone your mortgage payment. The bills are due in five days. 

Don’t panic. Refocus on the desired outcome. Lock your mind’s eye on the desired amount of money you’ll need immediately. If you knew that you couldn’t lose, how would you feel? How would you move forward? What actions would you take?

If you don’t play to win, you might give up on the goal.

As soon as you give up in your mind, expecting defeat, you’ve given up your power. 

Failure could very well be in the near future. But you have a choice. You can decide to muster up some courage and jump into trust. As soon as you decide to trust that the money will be yours, the Universe will conspire to give you a parachute. Amazing “coincidences” will appear.

Your job is to let go of the stress of failing so you have access to your power, creativity, and some butt-kicking attitude. 

Trust me, trusting is a full-on attitude makeover when you’re facing bills and the money is not in your checking account. You might even feel a little crazy if you’re not panicking. Most of us have a knee-jerk reaction of fear when our finances don’t initially go the way we desire.

Remember, you can’t control the circumstances of the world all the time. 

However, you can control the way you react to the reality of your life. Every moment is an opportunity to re-create the future. If you take on the perspective of prosperity, knowing that it can be yours, you will choose thoughts and actions that lead you to prosperity. People might call you crazy, but they won’t be able to say you’re broke.

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Meghan M DiCocco
"People might call you crazy, but they won’t be able to say you’re broke" I love this! This is the exact message I needed this morning. A business partner just sent a negative Nelly "no way is this going to work out" email and I was feeling frustrated with their attitude and trying to not let it get to me.
Dr. Suki Stone
I have been positive most of my life. So I tend to focus on anything that lets me feel positive. I had an experience when my dad was sick and close to death. I created a literacy program for children and adults with dyslexia to read proficiently in 14 days. I created the program after I asked G-d to help me when I had a child who couldn't read and no program worked. I told my dad I was sad they he wouldn't be alive when the program was finally out in the country. He responded he would see it from the other side. I asked if would come to me when he passed. He responded, just ask. A month after he passed I had a dream where he handed me a certificate of completion with the name of my program on it and said it's already done. I woke up and started looking all around me for people to help me. I stopped looking after a month and decided I had to wait on G-d . I am still waiting in 2023. I created the program in 1983. I think that Jeanna's manifestation steps may definitely help me. I do have 5 nonprofits to collaborate so I am manifesting donors for the funding. It was no accident I signed up for your challenge, Jeanna