Focus on Business Growth. Lead with heart. Make profits. Lighten Up!

Business is a fun game that you were meant to win. When you win, your customers win, too! Yesssss! If you’re serious about growing your business and rockin’ your profit margin but want to lighten up, you’re going to love this.

It’s your heart that grows your business. It’s where all the good stuff is initiated. When you’re connected to your passion, you allow your Inner Business Expert to kick in. And that’s the part of you that gives the best guidance and strategies for your business to thrive.

Most business owners try to choose their marketing strategies, business model and systems using only their mental mind. But it’s when you align your head, heart and inner guidance that the magic happens.


I’m Jeanna Gabellini and I am the creator, trainer and coach at MasterPeace Coaching. I have a rock star team that supports me so that I can do the stuff I love.

What I dig most is helping solopreneurs and business owners with teams, to expand into their ‘someday dreams’ with sizzle. No fizzling out.

Overwhelm sucks. Trying to control things is hard. And hoping and praying that things work out causes mental and emotional fatigue and doesn’t deliver results.

My focus is getting people in business to live into their sweet spot, doing it 100% their way and generating more profit, more easily than they’ve ever done before.

I like delivering business and attraction strategies in bite size doable chunks and mixing it up with some humor. Business is supposed to be fun. Remember?

If you’re into the inner and outer game of business, you’ll get step-by-step strategies that you can easily implement to rock your business in my weekly ezine. Plus, access to tons of training … all FREE!

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My scoop …

I started my first business at twenty years old. I had no business expertise besides managing a retail store and was running on pure passion. Somehow, I made a living. I added a couple more businesses before I met the love of my life.


Coaching and I met in my early twenties. I later found The Coaches Training Institute and immediately got certified. In 1996 I opened MasterPeace. I filled my practice and it was so damn fun!

In 1998, I was one of the first coaches in the world — and the youngest — to receive the designation of Master Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation. I also served on the board of both the Personal & Professional Coaching Association and the International Coach Federation.

I soon learned that working hard didn’t equal a fat income. After a near breakdown, I found a way to stop pushing to get results. I also took my work-week down to three days a week. I found my magic formula to nail six figures. And kept increasing it year after year.

In the beginning, I coached anybody who had goals and wanted to get them fast. Then my bestie, Eva Gregory, introduced me to the Law of Attraction. Another love affair began and I co-authored Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction with Eva Gregory, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hanson.

Eventually I whittled down my focus to coaching people in business to leverage the power of intention and fun to double their profits.

I’ve been interviewed on hundreds of radio shows, appeared as the keynote speaker for national conventions and presented seminars and trainings around the world, including:

  • International Coaching Federation Conference
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Chevron
  • U.S. Postal Service
  • Breakthrough Coaching Conference
  • Whole Life Expo
  • Life Chiropractic College West


Click here to listen to a rap song about Jeanna Gabellini that her dear friend Rich Fettke, author of Extreme Success, created to describe her.

To learn more, please check out Jeanna’s blog, and her articles on business, manifesting desires, personal growth, success strategies, divine guidance, and law of attraction.