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Byron Katie, author of Loving What Is, says that we are never alone. She is not talking about God or source energy always being in our presence. She is referring to the fact that our brain is always talking to us. Or is that our ego?

I know that I spend a part of each day in my home office working on things that don’t require me to be on the phone. But the voices in my head are constantly chattering. It’s a pretty big committee that follows me around.

The voices tell me what I “should” be doing. I ponder problems, I talk about my goals, I think about fears… my head never runs out of things to babble about. Some conversations in my head are exhilarating, some debilitating.

But have you ever noticed what happens when you allow the volume to go very low on all those mental conversations?

Try it right now.

Allow your thoughts to simply slow down. Imagine spaces between each thought or even each word. You can pretend that each thought is a single cloud just floating by.

What do you notice in the silent spaces? Does your body relax a little? Does your breath slow down and deepen?

What if you simply ask a question of yourself and then let there be silence? What do you hear?

I was talking to a woman yesterday who had some very big decisions to make about the direction of her company. There are a lot of people and dollars that will be impacted by her decision.

She’s lacking clarity about which path she should take. I suggested being out in nature and deliberately being in silence. For in the silence there is wisdom to be heard. I know you’ve heard this before. But it’s critical to do when things aren’t aligning perfectly in your life.

Creating some silence in your head doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sit down and meditate. For some people, a walk outside can create some space between thoughts and allow peace to permeate your body. In the silent places there is always clarity.

One of my favorite tricks to be grounded and find answers is to write down a question.

What would be for my highest good right now?
What do I need to focus on or let go of?
What am I feeling right now, and what meaning am I giving it?

Then I sit quietly. It only takes a moment, but then a “knowing” comes over me. I know from myself exactly what is needed. It’s always clear and concise.

Another way to experience silence is with another person. I especially practice this when I’m in a coaching session or listening to my mate. It’s very easy to be full of chatter in our mind when listening to someone talk.

Your judgments are flying all over the place; you’re formulating answers, solutions, and justifications to what is coming out of the other person’s mouth before they’ve even finished their sentence.

Slow your mind down and you can truly hear what they’re expressing. You can feel into what is at the bottom of what they’re saying versus simply hearing and reacting to words.

Take a moment of silence before you begin to speak and you most likely will say something different than you would if you were reacting to another person’s words.

Even reading this, your mind is clicking away. Take a breath in now. Experience a slice of silence, and you may experience a slice of heaven.

Make your life a masterPEACE. 😉

What do you notice when you slow down?

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