There are several circumstances that can kick you into massive action. That gear where your mind says, “I’ve got to do so much to make this happen!” And then the soundtrack in your head says on repeat, “Hurry! You’ve got to do more.”

Some circumstances that can cause a massive action migraine:

  • Cash flow crisis
  • Giving presentations
  • Moving
  • Preparing for a long vacation
  • Launching a new business, product, or service
  • Creating a website
  • Hosting a party
  • Business travel
  • Preparing for a child’s birth
  • Handling the affairs of a deceased friend or family member
  • Selling a house or business

While all of these circumstances are important or emotional… there’s always an alternate path to take so you can find a slice of peace on the journey.

I try to avoid the frazzled state that comes with massive action overload at all costs.

You may be asking yourself if this is even possible. Not only is it possible, but it’s a crying shame to have it be any other way than an easy, flowing process to get the job or preparation done.

You have to start with a bit of strategy. Always start with the end in mind.

What is your ideal outcome for this event or project?

How do you want to feel during the execution of it?

Next, write down all those actions you “think” you need to do to have a smooth outcome. You want to get them out of your head and onto the paper. Don’t delay this step. You’ll instantly feel grounded by making a list.

Then, check to see if all of your action items are congruent with your ideal outcome.

Is there an easier way?
Who can help you make it easier?

Last night I wanted to give up on a project that was very important to me. Somehow I was handed the responsibility of creating a proposal for a new dock that six cabins at our lake want to build. Every time I turn in the proposal I get pushback from someone.

Confession: I have NO clue how to create this type of proposal, and anything with this number of details is NOT my zone of genius.

I asked myself, “What can I do to get this done and never have to revise it again?”

Within minutes I had the idea to reach out to another woman on the dock committee for help. She said she’d help, and proposals were totally her jam! OMG! The project is moving forward, and I don’t have to do any more drudgery with that document.

You can do this too!

Delete any actions on your list that don’t really need to be done in order to get your desired outcome.

Can you delegate any items? I know this one is hard for all you do-it-yourselfers and don’t-want-to-impose-on-anyone types. But still, ask yourself this question.

After all that is complete, you have to make a decision that you’re not going to worry about getting it all done at this moment. In fact, you need to make a decision that you’ll do things on the list when it feels good to do them and in no other order.

See, when you’re feeling at ease, in control, and joyful, it’s the only way things will get done in excellence. It will also keep you sane.

Feeling good trumps massive action when it comes to speedy manifesting. And if getting the job done with ease isn’t one of your ideal outcomes, then you need to decrease your tolerance for stress and pain.

The easy way out is always the best way.

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Wow Jeanna‼️Such great advice especially right now for me who’s planning an extended vacation in the Phoenix area with my sister, who recently lost her husband. Plus she’s having surgery and really needs my help. I’m going to make my long list today so I can get them out of my head and check things off as I get them done. Thanks for your timely help!