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“Why?” you ask. “Why do I feel tension about money or what I have to do to get it?”

Everyone has money triggers, including myself. Even my multimillionaire and billionaire clients experience tension in certain situations around money.

There are hundreds of money triggers, depending on your past life story. Underneath those triggers are beliefs like…

  • There won’t be enough.
  • You’ll lose what you have.
  • Others will judge you.
  • Others will have control… and you won’t.

The good news is that you can shift from high-financial stress to signing whopping contracts in a matter of weeks. The solution is simple but definitely takes commitment.

Your #1 goal is to focus shifting your perspective about money on a daily basis. See? Simple. Maybe not easy, but totally within your control because it’s about inner game.

You don’t necessarily need to go back in time to figure out where you originally picked up your fearful thoughts about money. It’s easier to start with now. Acknowledge that the real problem about money is your perspective that has kept you hostage.

There is no other reason than that for your lack of wealth or security with it.

Please don’t fall victim to excuses about the economy, lack of time, your parents’ upbringing, divorce settlements, lawsuits, crooked business partners, or the hundred other reasons why you’re in this situation about money. They’re all irrelevant to making your breakthrough into true prosperity.

You’ll want to focus on your desired end outcome in order for your experience with money to shift. The Law of Attraction is always at work and has no attachment to your history. It’s only responding to what you’re focused on right now.

In fact, there are always blow-your-mind results being cooked up behind the scenes long before you see hard-core evidence of anything happening. Assume your situation is course correcting if you’re feeling good and taking inspired action.

Immediately stop any self-destructive actions and habits regarding money. If you spend money and then feel stressed, you must stop spending so much money or stop stressing when you do.

If you blame others for your situation, stop. It’s about you, not them.

If you feel like you can’t do anything about your money issues, you won’t. Take small steps to begin to believe and act like you can.

If it were possible for you to take control, what would be your first step?

Heads up… you can’t tackle this money thing for a week and expect to be done with it. It will take some time, focus, and practice. You’ll need some support. But you can do it.

I’ve coached thousands of people who believed they’d never, ever turn around their money issues. And I’ve had the extreme pleasure of watching them double and triple their incomes, too.

Most importantly, I’ve witnessed their transition into peace around money. You can do it too.

Baby steps create avalanches of prosperity.

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colleen Johnson
I have been working on this consept of changing my thoughts, feelings and actions involving money and already after only a couple months am feeling like I always have what I really need but am still trying to find more ways to create more income. I am already seeing debts being paid off and Just bought my manifested car.