It’s my intention that anybody who comes into my world learns to thrive in every area of their life and in all things important to them. This includes YOU!

Most of us grossly underestimate what we’re capable of being, doing, and having.

All of us are ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. Sometimes you can just hum along enjoying life, and sometimes you experience WOW moments.

There are other moments where you find yourself in fear or a dark place and you want to shrink back from the world.

Whether you simply want to survive a life crisis like a cancer diagnosis, divorce, or financial devastation, you can choose to not only survive… but make an epic comeback.

The journey to survival and then thriving doesn’t have to be long. You can choose to explode out of an unpleasant circumstance.

I’m a survival story junkie. I’m reading I Had to Survive: How a Plane Crash in the Andes Inspired My Calling to Save Lives right now… intense but so good!
I love stories about people who win in the craziest circumstances because it demonstrates that nothing is impossible.

Most of us won’t find ourselves in a life-or-death situation or hiking up Mt. Everest in blizzard conditions. Our mission to survive and thrive will be a tad easier than folks who experience these high-drama circumstances.

Here is what I’ve learned from the people who retell their survival stories:

  • Often there is a point at which they knew some aspect of what they were doing didn’t feel right, and yet they kept moving forward to find themselves in a horrible situation. They ignored their inner guidance.
  • There were moments when they didn’t know if they’d make it out alive. They thought about giving up. In a dark moment they did give up… but they were nudged forward from within.
  • When they found their inner strength, their bodies were energized with superhuman strength to accomplish the task at hand.
  • Their situation turned around dramatically once they locked on to what positive things lay ahead of them in their life. People looking from the outside in would call it miraculous.
  • There was a pivotal moment of choice. They had to choose to move forward, put their fear aside, and listen to what their gut was telling them.

There is only one reason people survive dramatic catastrophes: they make a choice to survive.

You can make this same choice about anything in your life. When you truly decide that you want something, and not having it is not an option, then the Universe will deliver it. That’s it, folks. It’s not any more complicated than that.

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