A confident mindset can make the impossible possible. Yet, sometimes you can’t find your confidence until you take action. So, should you work on mindset or take action first?

I say both.

If you’re familiar with my Speed Dial the Universe journal, you know about “Wild Hair Intentions.” A Wild Hair Intention is where you ask for a seemingly “wild” desire from the Universe with no attachment. You don’t need it, and it won’t break your heart if it doesn’t show up. But if it did happen, it’d be over-the-top cool!

Plus, they’re just fun to do!

Things that have made it onto my Wild Hair Intention entry in the past…

• 5 people register for my mastermind today
• My brother (who passed away) materializes to give me a hug and tells me about his transition
• I attract a celebrity client
• I am invited to do a TEDTalk
• #1 on the JV leaderboard for the biggest launch of the year
• I’m gifted $10k for travel
• I get $100k in revenue from my Speed Dial the Universe journal

This is more than just a fun way to set intentions.

You get real results from doing this. I have testimonial after testimonial of people manifesting things that are so mega amazing that they are stunned!

Now, how about using this concept to get into action to increase your confidence?

My marketing mentor once gave me a fun exercise as we discussed my upcoming launch: “What if you contacted 5 people who are on your Wild Hair Intention list to promote your launch?”

First off, I love it when people use my own material on me. (I love a juicy challenge.) Second, it made me think of people I never would’ve approached, but if they promoted me, it could lead to massive profits.

I pondered the question, “And what if they said yes?” This made my apprehension disappear about contacting these people. Why not go for it? The worst that will happen is I don’t get a response or I get a no. So what? I lose nothing.

My confidence would rise from taking this action.

And what if they said yes?

This motivated me to take actions bigger than my previous mindset would allow.

Is there a Wild Hair Intention you could take one step toward? Just for the fun of it?

What if you got what you really wanted?

Uh-huh. Raise your vibration and your results.

Magic, baby.

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