You can’t be reminded too many times of what is most important in your life.

A dear friend came over to my house when my first son was young. She brought her daughter over to play. Over dinner, I was commenting about how my 16-month son loved to take objects in and out of drawers. The same drawer could keep him busy for an hour. I watched in fascination.

My friend said that she was always amazed at how children like to experience the same thing over and over. You’d think they’d “get it” after about ten times of the same action. Nope. 1,000 times is not too many times to get an action down pat.

They learn by doing the action over and over.

Adults are similar. We need to repeat patterns many times before making it a “practice.” The same rule applies to creating new thought patterns. You can hear the information many times before you do something about what you’re hearing.

And the thing you want to listen to most is your Inner Guidance.

Your Inner Guidance is not only the voice of inspiration within you, but it’s always whispering in your ear about what is best for you. The wisdom of this Inner Magician will lead you to happy endings in every area of your life.

Are you listening?

I call the subtle whisperings of this powerful internal voice “niggles.”

You can feel a feeling or tune into the next step to take. These niggles are often the opposite of what your mental mind is saying to you.

A perfect example of how these niggles show up was the lift ticket caper in my house.

I thought I had set the ski resort lift tickets next to the hotel gift cards in my office. A trip to Tahoe for snow skiing had been planned for a month. The day before we left I couldn’t find the tickets. I began to fling around every single thing in my office, trying to reveal the hiding tickets.

I kept getting a niggle to call my husband to see if he knew where the tickets were hiding. My mental mind said that Steve never knows where anything is and that’s why he puts me in charge of organizing all things to do with our home.

After I spent 15 minutes making a mess in my office, I called him.

He indeed confirmed the fact that he didn’t know where the tickets were. I was bummed out, and he told me not to worry about it. He suggested we create a file folder to keep gift certificates and coupons.

Ding, ding, ding! I’d already created a folder for that!

The tickets were in that folder. I totally forgot I had made that folder. Even if I would’ve remembered it, I never would’ve looked in there. I thought I’d set the tickets next to the other items we were packing for our trip.

Do you see how at first the niggles may not make sense in a logical or linear way?

Following your Inner Guidance is like following a trail of breadcrumbs. One thing leads to the next. And the result is always delightful.

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