Not everyone has more than enough money in their life.

But most everyone would be thrilled if more was magically delivered to their doorstep.

You may consistently feel the pinch (or vice) of not enough money.

Or maybe you just want to upgrade your income because you know you can and creating more money is a fun game.

Whatever your reasons for desiring to upgrade your relationship with finances, here’s an easy plan to get the ball rolling.

Step 1: Start now. It doesn’t matter if it’s midmonth, midweek, or in the middle of the day. Why wait?

Decide that right now is your fresh start to more money, more ease when thinking of money, more enjoyment in deciding how you will spend it, and getting fired up about what’s possible.

Step 2: Decide what the main focus of the upgrade will be. Will it be a specific amount of money, the way you attract your money, how you spend it, or a combination?

My current focus for this quarter is to make every income source a 6-figure-a-month producer. Even though my focus is a specific amount, I’m more focused on who I have to be to attract it.

Step 3: Make a written plan for the year. Keep it to one page or less. You’re not going for the fantasy ending point this year, you’re deciding what your goals will be based on where you’re at now.

You can still make big, juicy goals, but you don’t have to get them ALL this year. You truly want to believe that it’s possible for you to attain the goals in a year’s time.

You’ve gotta feel it in your heart.

Write down 3–6 main goals you want to achieve regarding your finances. Make sure you really want them and they aren’t on there because you feel you should.

Inspiration is still key, even when you plan for finances.

Under each goal, write down any inspired action steps that’ll support the goal. Small or big, each step is important. They create momentum and give you confidence when you complete them.

Step 4: Create 2–4 new daily habits that’ll support your plan. Some may be monthly habits, since we’re talking finances.

For instance, one of my habits is to set up auto-deductions from my checking for any savings I want to build.

I also take time each day to virtually (in my mind’s eye) spend huge dollar amounts to get used to having more money.

Another habit (always) is writing in my Speed Dial the Universe journal.

Step 5: Put structures in place to assist you to stay on track with this new plan. I always have several things in place to make sure I take my commitment to upgrade an area of my life all the way through to completion.

I tell my most supportive friends and colleagues what my focus is and send them my written plan.

Step 6: Mentally and emotionally close the door on everything but attaining your goal. Get hyperfocused on succeeding but not to the point where it stops being fun. This must be an engaging, uplifting, and confidence-building journey, or success will escape you.

Be in it to win it so that your DNA molds into a winner. It’s the easy way to change your outlook, posture, and strategies.

And life will respond in your favor.

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Jeanna Gabellini
Collette! I loved your article. Everyone, including me, has those moments where we go down the hole quicker than the speed of light. It's a relief when we catch it in the moment and turn ourselves around. =)
Colette Seymann
I like your easy to follow steps, thanks for the post. You may enjoy this somewhat entertaining post at: