Some years back, a sixteen-year-old at my gym was arrested for allegedly murdering his family. I knew all the details long before they were released to the press, even though I didn’t know him personally.

I was struggling with all the negative thoughts in my head about the situation. I kept checking the news and asking those in the know for any new information. I worried for the boy and the rest of his extended family. For two weeks, the unease I felt kept tapping me on the shoulder throughout the day.

Finally, I became aware of what I was doing… I was getting caught up in the drama.

I was spending my precious time thinking about something that was taking me off my own path of peace.

Was it horrible that it happened? TOTALLY! But it wasn’t serving me in any way to hunt down all the yucky information about it. So I stopped.

Instant relief.

Why would I share this heartbreaking story with you when I’m supposed to be sharing guidance on doubling your fun and profits?

Hunting down evidence about how your team always makes mistakes or beating yourself up for a marketing strategy that tanked or a profitable idea that fell flat is commonplace with entrepreneurs.

When you spend time mulling over details that take you out of your power, you move further and further away from the solutions you seek.

You may not think of yourself as a drama mama or a negative person, but pay attention to what you think about while you lie down at night, drive your car, or go on a walk.

  • Do other entrepreneurs’ failures trigger your own feelings of insecurity?
  • Does a client leaving evoke visions of more clients leaving?
  • Are you appreciating your small steps forward or cursing that you’re not making faster progress?

It’s easy to get sucked into drama because the society around us promotes that.

Rest assured you’ll be much better off if you refuse to be a collector of evidence of the horrors of reality or your past.

Peace and profits come to those who spend their time being collectors of what’s uplifting and enjoyable. Plus, you can’t give your ideal clients what they need when you’re all buggered up about things you’re not supposed to worry about.

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