Emotional Triggers in Copywriting

~ by Michele PW If you need to make more money, chances are that you need to write copy to market your awesome products and services. If you’ve ever masterpeacecoach-fa9aca9d-873d-40cd-9d65-939a67c9dcdf-v2suffered while attempting to write copy, you’re going to love Michele PW’s perspective on writing copy from the heart. Michele and her team are behind some of the most profitable marketing campaigns in my industry. (Don’t miss her free webinar below!). If you are an Outlook user, please click on download pictures object to view image.We all know buying is an emotional process – that’s why we call it “retail therapy." People love buying, but they hate being sold to, and absolutely abhor feeling manipulated. And traditional direct response copywriting (aka "sales copy") typically is based on using fear and manipulation. And that's exactly why direct response copywriting (aka "sales copy") has gotten a bad rap. The good news is that as a conscious, heart-centered entrepreneur, you CAN write effective copy that invites your prospects to work with you rather than manipulating them into it using fear-based tactics. When you do, you spread your message of love and hope, making a bigger impact on the world … while selling your products and services to the people who truly need them most. Effective direct response copy (copy designed to get people to take action) works because it triggers an emotional response that often stems from deep emotional and psychological survival instincts. (These include things like having security, attracting a mate, raising a family, and being part of a community.) When you trigger these needs, many times we have an almost unconscious reaction to the trigger, because keeping those needs fulfilled is deeply buried in our subconscious. And that’s why if there’s a problem that’s keeping us up at night, chances are it can be traced back to something that’s threatening (or feels like it’s threatening) one of those unconscious needs. And that’s why we’re “triggered,” because we want to make sure we protect and fulfill our needs. But as a marketer and entrepreneur, you have a choice -- do you want to use those triggers in a love-based way or a fear-based way? If you said love-based -- hooray! You're in the right place. Below you'll find 3 ways to use love-based triggers in your direct response copywriting. 1. Use pleasure (not fear) as a trigger. In love-based copy, you focus on the transformation your ideal clients are looking for. People buy hope, so give them hope. Focus most of the copy (at least 70 %) on the transformation they'll receive. Share success stories from your own life and from your clients' experiences, and make it clear this same transformation is open to your ideal prospects as well. The "You can do it, too!" message is very compelling and inviting. 2. Use love-based "unselling" as a trigger. Also known as "take away" selling, "unselling" is when you explain who isn't a good match for your program. Look, the fact is, your offerings are NOT going to be a good match for everyone. Some people may not be ready to invest in their business. Some people may prefer slow transformation over fast (or vice versa). Some people may not like the idea of working alongside other people in a group format. And that's fine – it simply means they're not your ideal prospects. This can be a powerful way to make it clear to your ideal prospects the consequences of the choice they are making by investing with you (or not investing with you). 3. Use urgency as a trigger. This is important because without urgency, there is no reason for anyone to buy now. They'll wait. And in most cases, when they wait, they never buy. Just be sure to apply urgency ONLY when you have a real reason for doing so. For example, you may say you need to close enrollment to prepare for the course to begin, or you're offering only a limited number of spots because of the personalized attention each attendee receives. Maybe you're offering a seasonal sale, or early bird pricing to reward decisive action. These are all authentic ways to use urgency in your copy. Just be careful to never use a fake reason, like a limited number of digital copies or a deadline for an evergreen program. The most effective copywriting works because it triggers emotional responses in buyers. But that doesn't mean it has to prey on their fears! You can write effective copy that comes from a place of love and hope, and triggers positive emotional responses (rather than manipulating people). When you do, you attract your ideal prospects and convert them into ideal clients effectively, while growing your business. What I've covered here is truly just the tip of the iceberg. Want to learn more about the love-based copy approach? Join us this Thursday, August 14 at 11am PT/2pm ET. Just go HERE!
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