I had a new client whose reason for hiring me was to create a strategy for success with his business. This outcome is one I often achieve for a client who comes to their first coaching session with me.

Usually a strategy consists of some well-thought-out actions (inspired, of course!), a mental focus, and some actions and thoughts a person will begin to say no to in their business and personal life.

I’d also planned that we’d create a few daily success practices to seal the deal.

After listening to Mike’s overview of what he was clear was currently working and not working in his business, I assessed that a big part of his success strategy would be to eliminate all stress factors of his business.

In fact, as soon as he was clear on the exact outcome that equaled success in his mind, we went straight to nailing down every aspect of the business that felt heavy or created pressure.

There were only three core issues that stressed Mike out. The first one was eliminated by changing his perspective. Then he made a decision that he would indeed nail his desired outcome. A lot of stress melted away with that choice. That was EASY!

Next Mike chose to start saying no to squeezing in appointments on his “days off.”

He also decided to stop creating projects from scratch, which required a lot of research. Mike would use material he’d already created and just repackage it in new ways.

Ahhh, a sense of excitement and ease began to overcome him. He could get back to the joy of success rather then all the perceived pressures of success.

See, Mike had a belief that if he took on more clients, he’d be even busier and literally have no time for a personal life. That belief is common and is a surefire way to repel success.

Why would you go big if you thought it meant less time for relaxing and fun?

The big (and small) stressors create havoc in your body, mind, and heart. Nobody performs at their best with stress.

There may be an illusion for some people that they operate better under stress, but it’s just another way of coping.

If you were to focus on eliminating stressors before you add new projects and strategies to your plate, you’d pave the way to immediate success.

Entrepreneurs often think strategies for success must require an entire makeover. Many times it is as simple as eliminating one or two things causing stress.

What’s one stressor you’d love to eliminate?

What’s one step you can take immediately to be on the road to ahhhh?

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