Do You Believe in Easy?

Do You Believe In Easy?Over the years, I’ve had many clients who say, “I always get what I want, but it never seems easy.”

All struggle is about mindset. You may think you just had bad luck or random acts of technical glitches, but it all comes down to what you believe. There is nothing that can’t be traced back to what you were thinking.

Struggle can show up in many ways:

  • Financial loss or roller coaster rides
  • Big clients or partners pulling out of deals at the last minute
  • Website, computer, car, or appliance glitches
  • One employee or contractor after another who isn’t “quite” ideal
  • Creativity droughts
  • Partnerships or relationships that feel like a consistent tug-of-war
  • Building a business that fulfills a need in the world but the world doesn’t seem to notice
  • One health issue after another, big or small

I have a plaque on my wall with this quote from Tennessee Williams: “Luck is believing that you’re lucky.” The same goes for living on “Easy Street.” You’ve got to believe that it’s possible to have major goals and desires manifest easily so that things seem to fall in place without hard effort.

Yes, I know that some of you think that you’re not worthy of success, money, or love without some hard work involved. There are those of you who think you’re being responsible or admirable when you work your tush off.

But what about those of you who want it to be easy but can’t find your sweet spot? You might believe something can be easy but actually don’t expect it. Therefore there’s an expectation that some part of your goal won’t go according to plan. You fear somewhere in the back of your mind that you won’t be able to pull it off.

You know why some things in your life are easy? You don’t even give them a second thought.

I waterski a lot, and many times I have people driving my boat who have never pulled a skier behind a boat. I never worry about them being able to pull me out of the water. I’ve been skiing forever and it’s not a big deal to me to have a skilled driver. I get up every time. I don’t contemplate the scenario of not getting up. This is also why it was easy for me to continue skiing into my third trimester with both of my pregnancies. Skiing is fun and a no-brainer in my mind.

It’s all about perception. Now, you can’t always go from struggle to easy in one try or one step. Especially if it’s a topic where your emotions run high.

Your first step to easy is to not see the desired outcome as a huge deal. Would it be cool to double your income? Hell YES! And, what if you didn’t relate to it as a big hairy deal or miraculous? What if you saw your money goal as just another number that you’ll mosey up to and make friends with?

What if you paid less attention to getting your outcome and more time tuned into what you’re being called to do in this moment? What if you allowed your Inner Guidance to suggest your action steps rather than your ego, fear, or head?

Easy is a good thing. Easy is a mode. It’s supposed to be easy. #justsayin

What can you make easy right now?



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