DIVINE GUIDANCE – Starts Next Week!

  4 Keys to Unleashing Your Inner Business Expert GÇô No Cost Call Get to know the best business expert on the planet … your Divine Guidance. How many times have you wished someone else would just step up and handle "it"? "It" could be... •    a needed increase in the finance department of your business. •    smoothing out some major differences between you and your team. •    finding the perfect person to add to your business. •    getting new and more perfect clients. "It" can be a lot of things. What if there was a TOTALLY different way to go about handling 'it"? There is. It's available to everyone and most people are completely ignoring it. Check out the details of my newly designed 3-month tele-program with Bridget Engel: https://www.masterpeacecoaching.com/divineguidance Divine GuidanceUnleash it to Create Magic in Your Business. It includes, 9 classes with live coaching, a workbook, 3 mastermind meetings and unlimited email coaching in between the live calls. Begins Tuesday, October 5th at 11am Pacific/ 2:00 pm Eastern. Ready? https://www.masterpeacecoaching.com/divineguidance
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