I’m a tank top, shorts, and flip-flops kind of girl.

Suits are definitely not my thing.

Yet, back in 1999, every month I put one on to lead a live workshop about creating passive income. It felt like wearing a costume my mom made me wear to be proper… so that the participants would think I was professional and smart.

I totally trusted my ability to deliver the content and give them breakthrough coaching, but I didn’t believe they would see me as credible. I felt the suit would offset my 1990’s Valley Girl manner. (I still talk like that!)

I thought I had to step into a different persona for people to take my advice and buy my products and services. It wore me out, but I continued doing it until one day…

I was smacked upside the head with some feedback at a leadership program. The group told me that I was quirky, bold, unpredictable, and intense.

I cringed at being seen as “quirky.” That sounded like something I should definitely not let potential clients see. So unprofessional!

My mentor suggested that the next time I led my cash-flow workshop, I should embrace my quirkiness.

My thought on that? Oh, hell no! Those people come to learn about the serious topic of money and I’m going to act like a goofball?

As I pondered on this advice a little longer, I changed my mind. The way I was currently showing up wasn’t causing the workshop participants to buy additional products and coaching… so what the heck?! I decided to try it.

I was shaking like a leaf as I prepared to lead that workshop. I wore a T-shirt with a fun pun about money. I wore pants instead of a skirt. And I played a CD with upbeat songs about money as participants entered the meeting room.

I let loose. I acted like my quirky and bold self. I felt free!

After that night, leading workshops became a JOY. And sooo easy.

The real kicker was that I sold more products and coaching that first night of authentic facilitation than I ever had before. My selling pitch hadn’t improved, only my connection to the audience.

Fast-forward twenty-plus years and my success depends on my quirky ways. My brand is built around it so I don’t have to try to convince people to buy, I just leverage what comes natural to me. Easy.

What natural gifts are you squashing down as you push to gain credibility and make more sales?

What rules do you need to break so you can let your hair down and grow your business based on your God-given genius?

Cut loose and let’s meet at the nearest bar, put on some bumping music, and dance on the tables as we work less to get new sales… and let our brand speak for itself!

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