Creating daily practices for success is always a big focus when I first begin working with a client. The trick is to make sure that the stuff you say you want to practice is a “want to,” not a “have to.”

The practices that most people want to focus on have to do with exercising, eating, action steps to getting clients, cleaning, reading, and bookkeeping.

I’d like to suggest that you also have practices that support you in feeling and acting abundant. Not just abundant with money but also knowing that your world is bursting with abundance of all good things… specifically for you.

If you feel a shortage of time, daily practices for you might be:

  • Read a fun book for 15 minutes.
  • Blocking out time for special projects you’ve been meaning to do.
  • Before you get up in the morning, intend for time to feel expansive.

If you feel a shortage of confidence, daily practices for you might be:

  • Do one thing that you know you’re good at (a sport, cooking, puzzles, writing articles).
  • Write five things you love about yourself.
  • Make a list of your successes for the day.

If you feel a shortage of money, daily practices for you might be:

  • Carry $100, $500, or $1,000 in your wallet at all times.
  • Virtually (in your imagination) spend money on two things you’d like.
  • Write a list of five ways money has served you well in the past.
  • Pretend money is your BEST friend; what would you say to it?

If you feel a shortage of luxury, daily practices for you might be:

  • Drink amazing wine, tea, coffee, and/or eat your favorite foods.
  • Spend 15 minutes or more doing something you usually reserve for only when it’s the weekend or when you’re on vacation.
  • Wear an expensive piece of jewelry or something that reminds you of your current abundance.
  • Display fresh flowers in the house always.

You have abundance in your life right now. Daily practices that encourage you to enjoy it will allow you to create more joy and abundance.

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dr. Suki Stone
Thank you for these tips. They are very practical and will yield many things that can change what I am doing now. I appreciate the new ideas. I love the fresh flowers. I think I am going to forgo doing my laundry--Have lunch outside on my patio enjoying the beautiful weather.