I know, online launches seem big and hairy …  If you would’ve asked me a couple of years ago about pulling off a six-figure launch, I would’ve laughed.  I’d never contemplated doing one. My colleagues do six and seven figures all year long. But they look frazzled and crazed in the end. No amount of money is worth a heart attack. But then my marketing coach told me that with some planning, I could successfully launch my program and stay sane. Really?!  Okay, I’ll do it if I can make it fun. I ended up doing what most haven’t.  I did a six-figure launch and I LOVED IT! A few of my Gremlins reared their ugly heads in the process. They said things like …
  • What if I can’t handle it?
  • What if only a few people buy my program and promotional partners think I’m a loser?
  • Will I be able to convey the value in this program to my promotional partners and prospective clients?
I moved forward anyway and had the time of my life (and pocketed six-figures!!). Allow me to show how easy it can be in this COMPLIMENTARY Webinar ...

Online Product and Program Launches Demystified

I’ll be breaking down the workings of a launch so that even newbies can leverage their available resources (even if you think you don’t have any!). Reserve your spot here! I don’t want you to miss out on the quickest way to boost your list size and bank account. Launching and loving it, Jeanna P.S. On this webinar, I'm going to tell you the one thing that will make all the difference in a successful launch. Wanna know what it is? Well, that means you've gotta join us. Click Here.
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