The definition of commitment by Webster’s is: to entrust; a continuing obligation; a promise or pledge. 

No wonder some of my coaching clients cringe when I ask, “What are you committed to?” They think that whatever their answer is, they’re locked into it. 

They feel if they speak to what they are committing to out loud that they HAVE to succeed. Then fear sets in, “But what if I don’t succeed?!”

Which translates to pressure. And pressure is the ingredient that always ruins the recipe for results.

I like to respond with, “Yeah, what if you don’t succeed? What does that mean about you and your future?”

The truth is that all fear is projection. Not truth. And so what if you don’t succeed right away?! It doesn’t mean squat about what you can create the day after that.

There are no “results police” waiting around the corner to bust you for not reaching your goal!

What I really want to know from clients is “What are you taking a stand for? What do you no-kidding really want? What are you going to go for? What are you going to take action toward so you can reap the rewards of fulfilling your desires?”

I’m not asking for their signature in blood as a promise that they’ll succeed immediately with no obstacles. I just want them to tell the truth about what they’re feeling and what they’ve decided to have in their life.

If they say they’re going to raise their income by $100,000 this year, I want to know if they really believe it. Are they just saying it would be nice sometime in the future, or do they truly believe they can have it now? Are their emotions, beliefs, and desires all aligned, or is there fear we gotta deal with? Will they let the fear stop them, or go for the goal despite the fear? Why don’t you take inventory of what you’re committed to right now? How do you know what you are committed to, really? Look at the results you have in any area of your life. Look at how you feel about any area of your life.

What are your results and emotions about:

Your income?
Your business or job?
Your relationship with money?
Your mate or lack of one?
Your kids?
Your extended family?
Your health?
Your recreational and social life?
Your friends?
Your integrity with keeping your word and being honest?
Your home?

I recently discussed this concept with a friend. I told him to ask each member of his team, at work, what they were committed to. He turned the question back to me. The first thing that popped into my mind was “struggle.” I was thinking about a particular area in my business and what my results and attitude had been over the last few months with a couple of projects. What a wake-up call! 

The good news: You can change what you’re committed to at any moment. You’re never locked into any agreement, emotion, result, or habit. I immediately started to clarify what would bring me ease and joy regarding those projects. I then had a discussion with my team. I felt everything turn around that same day.

What do YOU want to be committed to? Success or struggle? Abundance or lack? Doing it alone or getting assistance? Joy or frustration? What are the results you’re willing to take action on?

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