You probably already know that in order to attain true wealth, you’ll have to let go of your old “safe” money habits. 

But have you changed the way you relate to wealth? Do you see yourself as someone who will of course be wealthy… even if you’re just getting started?

It can often seem like you’ve totally changed your ways and you’re doing the right things. Maybe you’ve paid off debt, created passive income, bought some real estate, and you have a plan. 

But how do you know that you’re not in another box? How do you know that this new way of being with your money isn’t old already?

Having “true” wealth consciousness is an inside job. Even when you have the intellectual knowledge and take steps toward your financial goals, old patterns will show up. 

Having knowledge about something and knowing something at a cellular level are VERY different. You’ll feel financially secure and those worries about your future are easing up once you’ve made a change at a core level. 

You’ll be playing with your money like it’s a game. You’ll feel fulfillment, eagerness to learn, and alignment with your goals and values. 

Opportunities will start coming out of the woodwork. Taking big leaps won’t frighten you as much as excite you. You’ll look for ways to create solutions rather than saying, “I can’t” or “I don’t know how.”

To get started, begin to be confident in your ability to make decisions.

Learn strategies that speak to your soul and lean into them… even if folks say you’re crazy or they can’t be done.

Decide to be a pioneer in your old circle of friends.

Ask people you respect to give you feedback. Be honest about what they see as your strengths, and use them to make big leaps that feel natural to upgrade your wealth.

Continue to be hungry to learn and stretch into your wealthy self. Decide to have joy, security, trust, faith, and exhilaration while you do it.

Let’s use my client, Joe, as an example. For an entire year, his focus was on creating wealth through his business. He challenged himself to use systems and people to run his business.

Ultimately the goal of a business owner should be to go on a trip around the world if they want and still generate cash flow as if they are working.

Well, Joe had made significant steps by hiring more people and buying the building where he operated his business from. Sounds super smart, right?

But guess what? When he wasn’t directing the employees, they weren’t taking leadership. They were dependent on him. If his assistant left for a week, nobody could find anything. 

He thought he was operating totally on point to have financial freedom, but I pointed out that he needed to create a team that would take leadership. 

He also needed to create more structure from the ground up. From the outside, you wouldn’t have noticed any of these weaknesses in his business. 

He was generating more income and surpassing all of his goals. But he was working all the time, and the business had to be babysat every day.

If he didn’t have someone to point this out to him, how long would it have taken him to crash and burn? I don’t know, but he didn’t have to wait because he’d hired a coach. He also hired a consultant to help him build better business systems.

There are a couple of things to point out in this example:

  1. Joe had created a new paradigm around growing his business. But the new, expansive paradigm was already limiting him. So again, he had to uplevel his mindset.
  2. He has the beginnings of a team now that looks from the outside in to support him. They’re objective and skilled in specific areas.
  3. Joe has to be honest, vulnerable, and curious about how he’s thinking, feeling, and what he wants. He has to do this with himself, then with his support team.

Do the following to ensure the changes you’re making are from the inside out:

  1. Be constantly pushing your limited thinking. If your heart pounds a bit when an opportunity comes, check in to see if you can turn fear into excitement if it feels right.
  2. Expand the areas in which you invest. Do something different. Even if you do bigger deals in the stock market than you’ve done previously, you may still be playing where you feel “safe.”  How about real estate or creating intellectual property? Everything seems foreign when it’s new. Once you learn and practice in a new area, it can become fun.
  3. Have a team that’s 100% aligned with your vision. Your team can inspire you, support you in the “same old, same old,” or even bring you down. It’s your choice. 
  4. Make sure you spend time with people who are farther down the wealth path than you. They’ll teach you by example and get you used to wealth being a normal state of being.
  5. As you feel and think, so shall you create. Where is your focus? Are your thoughts of prosperity, faith, and joy? Struggle, mediocrity, or “someday”s? If only… If only you knew that you could be, do, and have anything, RIGHT NOW!
  6. Hire experts. Get a coach, mentor, and/or mastermind team that you meet with consistently. These folks remind you to stretch; they support and teach you. They give you a reputation to live up to.
  7. Get comfortable, and welcome the fear that arises when upleveling your wealth consciousness. Expect it. Get thrilled about it. It’s just an indicator of where you can benefit from growing. Get comfortable with falling down or momentarily lapsing back into old ways. It happens. So what?! One of my coaches once told me, “Have mercy on yourself. Be forgiving and keep giving yourself love.” Duh! Beating yourself up is totally useless. Tell your self judge to buzz off!
  8. Get real. Be honest about your thoughts. Own your strengths. You really do know more than you think and are more powerful than you know. Be honest about what you don’t think you know and where you hold yourself back. Let people know how they can support you.

Do yourself a huge favor. Breathe in right now. Decide that you’ll take a bold step this week, even if you feel nervous. You’re more ready than you know. Promise.

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