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The new year always inspires me to reflect on the past year.

A lot went well this year in my biz, but it also felt like a lot didn’t. The bad stuff felt crappy and disappointing as I experienced it, but…

Now that I’m on the other side, it’s clear to me that it all unfolded perfectly so I could learn the lessons I needed to be a happier and more profitable entrepreneur. If the crappy stuff had never happened, I would’ve just plodded along doing the same stuff with the same results… making my life a lot more complicated than necessary.

The BIG lessons I’m taking away from 2018 (that are really lessons I keep learning over and over at a deeper level)…

Break the Rules

It’s great to get advice and mentoring from experts who have been where you want to go. But in the end, they’re really just giving you a smorgasbord of ideas, structures, and tactics that you can tweak or ignore if your heart doesn’t agree.

I find that when I get rigid about following advice to a T, I don’t pay attention to what my own Inner Biz Expert is saying. Which leads to the next lesson…

Follow My Knowing

I was working on a webinar this year that felt like the hardest thing I’d ever created. It took me a MONTH to write. Nothing flowed. I loved the title, but that was about it. But I kept plugging along.

I KNEW it shouldn’t be this hard. I LOVE creating free content of any kind.

I didn’t follow my knowing, and guess what happened? The results were zero new clients. If I’m not feeling in the flow with my own content, how can potential clients? They can’t! Grrrr!

Never ignore your own wisdom. Your resistance is always trying to tell you something.

Acknowledge the Evidence

Evidence that what we want is coming is literally everywhere… when we look for it. It’s so easy to fixate on the proof that everything is NOT going our way.

See what you want for your future, not the reality of now.

In the last quarter of the year, I became a master at looking for thoughts, feelings, and manifestations that the tides were turning in my favor.

The more I looked, the more I found, and the more miracles revealed themselves in the most unusual and unexpected ways.

The only thing in the way of making money is my mind.

As I sat in jury duty for two days, I was hyperfocused on the clients I’d have to cancel (and refund) if I was chosen. I was also consumed by fear of how far I’d get behind in my projects… and not be able to make money.

But wait. Hadn’t I scheduled a ton of vacations throughout the year, including a two-and-a-half-week vacation with my family without fear of losing money? Yeah, my fears were bogus.

If you know how to make money, you know how to make money, and it has nothing to do with days spent in the office. Making money is what happens when you trust that the money can find its way to you wherever you are, whatever you’re doing or not doing. #panicattacksolved

Walk the Talk x10

I practice what I preach every single day… and it’s easy to plateau when you’re walking the walk. 😉

I gave myself a challenge several months ago: Go deeper than you’ve ever gone into your own message.

I don’t think I’ve come close to what’s possible, but just cranking it up a few levels has had a compounding positive effect. And it’s so much easier than trying to find some magical new cure for what ails me.

Because of these lessons, I rethought my entire strategy for next year and I’ve already planned big changes. If I would’ve gone straight into fixing tactics and strategies, nothing would really change. It would just be the same ol’ same ol’ in different packaging. #beentheredonethat

Because no entrepreneur can uplevel their business or life without the objectivity and insight of kickass mentors and coaches…

A BIG shout-out to mine for helping me sort out my life and entrepreneurial experiences this year: Justin Livingston, Callan Rush, Carrie Roldan, Patrick Dominguez, Linda Welch, Julie Gray, Isabelle Mercier Turcotte, and as always, my BFF Eva Gregory!

(Wowza! Now that I named the coaches who helped me with both my inner and outer game this year… that’s a TRIBE of support! Worth every penny and more.)

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