Not all dreams manifest lickety-split nor do they take a straight path from beginning to end.

Here’s a story that proves that you can still bring your big dreams to life… even if they feel like they’re currently dying on the vine.

One of my big dreams had been in my mind’s eye so clearly, for so long. I wanted to live somewhere in my hometown with a water view. I often took walks to see which house in Martinez offered the best view. If a house went on the market, I took a tour.

The perfect house never revealed itself.

Then, several years later, I moved to a town across the bay. I discovered an abundance of properties with amazing views and I rented one. I also discovered that I liked this town better than the one I’d grown up in… the one I thought I’d live in forever.

(Never say never, and never say forever. Be open to new ways of your dream being revealed.)

I continued to refine my dream. It expanded to include a house with a bridge view, and a deck that would allow us to enjoy it with our friends and family. I walked around the neighborhoods in my new town and drooled over the ones with water views.

There was one hitch… I didn’t have the financial plan in place to buy one. But I didn’t let that stop me.

I decided that the perfect scenario would be revealed to afford my dream home.

I didn’t take any action but continued to get more excited about moving into my dream home. There was no pressure, as I already loved the house I rented. I began putting chunks of money in my savings for a down payment. Not much, but it gave my dream momentum.

Then inspiration hit.

My brother bought a house with gorgeous surroundings. His realtor, and my neighbor, began to send me all the “for sale” listings.

We toured a bunch of homes, but each one had some quirk I didn’t like or the view was the size of a postage stamp.

But I continued to hold the vision that the perfect house was coming.

Next came the practical part of this equation.

I had to get qualified for a loan. Everything had changed in the real estate market since I’d bought my first home.

Owning your own business and showing that you make a substantial income didn’t necessarily translate to being qualified for a dream home. I was disappointed when a lender told me what I could afford. I’d have to buy a fixer-upper.

I decided that somehow, someway, this was still going to happen.

Within a month, my mate stumbled upon a house he’d seen before and wanted to buy, but over the years it had never been on the market. He drove by and saw a carpenter in the garage, whom he knew.

Turns out, the house was going on the market the following week. Within 24 hours we’d made a deal with the sellers that was beyond awesome. It was almost half the price of every house we’d looked at previously and it had a view of the bridge with sunsets behind it.

That was more than a decade ago and I still love our view. Since then I’ve manifested two other 5-star cabins… one that’s lakeside and the other with a pool in the forest.

Both properties “fell into our laps” within weeks once we decided it was time to have those dreams come true. Both were sold to us at price points that seemed “miraculous.” And they even came furnished!

This entire process is a perfect example of how to manifest your most important dreams. Here are the keys:

  1. Lock-on to the vision of what the desire will look like without any limitations.
  2. Take inspired actions only when they hit.
  3. Appreciate what you have in your life right now… before the dream manifests.
  4. Hold out for exactly what you desire… nothing less.
  5. Even when the dream seems out of your reach, trust that life will find a way to get it into your hands. That’s God’s business… not yours!

People from the outside looking in will think you’re lucky, but you’ll know it was all part of your plan.

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