Beginning Steps to Increase Your Peace, Preferences & Profits

By Jeanna Gabellini, The Extreme Abundance Coach

You must debunk ALL myths about business in order to have different results.  It is not complicated.  Getting yourself to trust the process can be a little unnerving, although it doesn’t have to be. Still, many of you would rather cling to what is familiar even if it’s not working.  Stop that!  ;-)

#1 – Know what your stake in the ground is for your business.
  What is your compelling vision? For the sake of what are you in business?  What will drive you forward?

#2 – Make decisions about your business.  A decision is concrete. You’re declaring how it will be.  This is not a wish, hope or a thing you will try to do.

#3 – Look at problems as an opportunity for improvement in your systems, processes and people.  Anytime there is a breakdown in customer service I put a new system in place to ensure it never happens again.  I do not dwell on the customer being irritated, but taking the actions to resolve.

#4 – Use your inner guidance/intuition.  Fear based thoughts are not from your gut.  When I say use your intuition, act like it is a mentor that you make requests of.  Be silent and take the time to formulate a question and then HEAR the answer.

# 5 – Practicing your daily success habits are more important than getting 100 things done.  Quality over quantity.  If you do not have a grounded and focused agenda you will not get the results you want.  You can take ALL the massive marketing actions you want and if your head is not in the right place, your peace and profits will not increase.  It’s similar to people who diet but still focus on being fat…they never keep the weight off.

#6 - Get out of the way.  You are the only thing standing between experiencing joy and extreme prosperity in your business.  It’s your thinking.  Thinking generates actions.  Change your fears into fuel to grow your business in all the bet ways for YOU.

# 7 - Believe in/know the value of your product and/or service.  Be rock solid about it.  You’ll always create the perfect price points for your perfect customers with this belief in your business. You will be a client magnet!

# 8 – Know your worth.  It’s got to be okay to have a lot of income and not be killing yourself in the process.  No guilt, justifying or shame.  Believe that is normal to experience extreme prosperity as your financial set point.  Don’t see big amounts of money as a big deal or a “miracle”.

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