Before You Launch Your Program or Product . . .

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Every time I offer a new service, program or product, it’s like the entire world lines up to give me their credit card.

No matter what I offer, my ideal clients eat it up and then come back for more.

Often the reality…

I have an idea, bumble around putting it together, bumble even harder to plan how I’ll get it out into the world... feel frazzled instead of dazzled with my results.


Look, babe, you’ve got a great idea. If you were excited when you conceived it and it’ll solve a top-of-mind problem for your peeps, you’re probably headed in the right direction.


But before you head into hibernation to create that puppy, here are five questions for ya:

  1. How will your new "thing" fit in with your other offerings. Does it support and elevate the others?
  2. Will you be thrilled to produce, market and fulfill on the new service, program or product?
  3. Are you willing to put in as much thought into your marketing plan and execution as you did in creating your idea?
  4. Are you willing to learn new skills to see your "thing"  successfully change lives?
  5. Will you invest money and time into creating a launch for your product or service, that will be more intentional and reach more people than anything else you’ve done to date?

If you answered 100% yes to these five questions and you feel nervous and excited about stepping up your game, then you’re ready to proceed.

And if you’ve never truly had a successful product or program launch, for the sake of your future, get help from mentors and other professionals to show you how.

Wouldn’t it be worth it to invest $5k, $10k or even $20k if you knew there’d be a $50k, $100k or even $150k payday shortly thereafter?

Yeah, I know that may feel like a bit of a stretch for you, but what’s the alternative?

You don’t want to create something that stays hidden in the shadows, right?

Market first, create later. I’ve followed that rule the last 20 years and I’ve always made money before I ever created or delivered a darn thing.

So tell me in the comments . . . what is most helpful about this info for you and your biz?


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