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Whether you do it deliberately or not, you’re always looking for an ideal person.

In business you look for ideal customers and/or team members who are a perfect match for the jobs that need to be completed.

You look for the ideal mechanic, computer repair person, babysitter, mate, housecleaner… and the list goes on. The good news is that the ideal person and people are out there. You just have to attract them. Notice I didn’t say “find” them.

Looking for the ideal someone is just a tad too overwhelming. Attraction is the easy way to get them to show up in your life.

The first step is to identify, in detail, the qualities this ideal person must possess.

You have to ask for EVERYTHING you want, and it’s best to do it on paper. Nothing is too nitpicky or outrageous. If you don’t ask, you won’t get.

Second, you have to truly believe this person exists.

You’ll have to drop all preconceived notions about what to expect based on horror stories…

from colleagues, friends, family, and your own history. Whatever you can imagine as most ideal is out there.

Third, you can’t try hard to find them.

Like I said before, this is about attracting them. If you’ve been clear about what that ideal person will be like and you hold out for ideal, nothing less than perfect for you, they will show up. Settle for nothing less than rock star quality.

Now, you may find yourself getting frustrated if they don’t show up immediately. Knock it off. You can’t rush perfection, right?! It may take two days or two months, but when they show up, they’re gonna rock your world. If you focus on the reality that you don’t have what you need, then you’ll stunt your progress.

Something else that will speed up the process is to get rid of old baggage, if you know what I mean. You have to start letting go of those less than ideal people you have working for and around you.

I had years under my belt of less than ideal situations with bookkeepers. The same with my webmasters. They were decent people at their job. They weren’t horror stories in my life, but they were not that perfect fit… which caused us all some pain. See, when it’s ideal, everybody is really happy in the situation. Life becomes easy.

A small warning before you ditch dozens of people from your life: Some people will become more ideal when you shift how you think of and react to them. My mate is a perfect example. I used to think that my mate’s tardiness to all meeting times was going to be a deal breaker in this relationship. But when I focused on what I wanted, he made huge improvements at being on time. When I blew a gasket every time he was late, it simply kept him in a holding pattern of tardiness.

The last trap you want to avoid is focusing on how bad the current person or people in your life are acting. For instance, if you have an assistant who continues to mess up your scheduling, don’t get yourself wound up about how awful she is. Look for ways to neutralize your energy about her or focus on the one thing she does well. You can’t attract in the ideal person when you are focused on less than ideal with the current person or situation.

Your 5-star support is looking for you as much as you want them. They exist… it’s your job to let them in. 😉

What’s your next step to attract support… release someone or attract someone?

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