I’m very clear that how I pay myself each month wouldn’t be endorsed by your bookkeeper or accountant. 

It’s just unorthodox. (I’ll say more about this later.) But then again, the way most solopreneurs pay themselves is based on what’s left over after paying all of their expenses. 

But what happens if there is nothing left over?

Stress. Defeat. Struggle. Lack.

I’ll confess. I used to accept just living on breadcrumbs, too. I thought that everyone else should get the money before I did if I were being in order to be a responsible business owner. 

Now I know better. 

Paying yourself last is just a practice (sometimes hard to break) that’ll never grow your business.

If your intent is to see how much is left over after expenses, there’s no power in that. You get what you get. 

Some weeks and months may be fine; others… not so much. 

The best thing you can do to increase your income is to begin paying yourself off the top. 

You may feel a bit squeamish at first, but pick an amount that feels like a stretch but that won’t totally freak you out.

Decide that this month you’re cutting yourself a check first, no matter what.

Once you do it a couple of times, you’ll notice that your income always covers that amount in addition to your expenses. 

Why? Because you’ve made a powerful decision that you’re of value. It’s actually more like embracing the truth.

After a month or two, bump up what you pay yourself first. How much do you need to increase your paycheck to feel more abundant?

Michael Beckwith changed my whole view on paying myself in his audio True Abundance. He said pay yourself and put money in your bank account. If you see money in there, it feels abundant and therefore you’ll feel more secure about money

The payoff is feeling secure, successful, and raising your vibration to attract more. 

You’re tithing to yourself.

That resonated with me in a way that I decided to take immediate action. I began socking more money than ever into my savings each month. 

Not my retirement accounts, just a plain old savings account at my credit union. In just a few short months, I’d saved more money than I ever had before! 

I was paying myself before my expenses, even when I knew I might not make all the payments on my expenses. But guess what? There was always enough money to do it all!

You change your wealth setpoint by paying yourself first

Now, I personally don’t cut myself a check every month in the same amount. I just pull out whatever amount I’m inspired to pocket.

Here’s another key point in paying yourself… give yourself enough money to start taking action on the things you’ve been craving but have felt you don’t have enough money to pursue. 

When I first started this, I was hot and heavy into finishing the construction on our house. So, I’d see how much the new light fixture or barstools would be and decide that I was going to pay myself enough to buy them. 

I made a list of all the items and services we needed to complete our house in a very strategic order. Then, I followed my plan.

I did the same with things I wanted to invest in for my business, like a website makeover and hiring a marketing consultant. 

If you wait to make more money before you shift your expectations, you’ll be waiting a long time. Refer back to your business plan for the year so that you’re not randomly spending money.

Now, I’m not promoting spending ALL your money on stuff you want all at once. Balance is good. 

And, I ALWAYS have an intention that I will pay myself and everyone else in my accounts payable. I’m very clear that there is no other option. 

I prove myself right every time.

When you decide HOW you’ll spend your money, you’ll increase your overall vibe about profits. Start small until you can trust the process and you see positive evidence that you have more than enough money for all of it.

Then, keep stretching your expectations about how much you want to see in your personal bank account.

No more breadcrumbs and leftovers. You get the first crack, and you deserve it.

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