Are you ready to get off the roller coaster?

Are you ready to get off the roller coaster Isn’t it true that when life is good, it's very, very GOOD? But, when things go down hill, it gets kind of nasty. Sometimes it feels that life is cruising right along and BAM! Something jumps out of the bushes and stops your flow and prosperity. Have you ever been on a ride at an amusement park that made you feel sick? Have you wanted to scream "Stop and let me off!"? Who do you scream at in life, when you find yourself on a ride that takes you nowhere near prosperity, flow or fun? The correct answer would be: Nobody. You are the only one who can choose to get on or off your ride. However, whether you find yourself going up and down on the prosperity scale or going steadily down we have something that totally puts YOU in the operators seat. You'll be the guy or gal with the power to turn it on or off or go fast or slow. Join us - Jeanna and Eva - Tuesday, Jan. 26th at 11am PT/2pm ET for a 1-Hour NO COST teleclass : The Prosperity Challenge on Steroids Reserve your seat here: >>> Yes, it will be recorded so please register to be sure you receive the recording via email! If the ride doesn't feel good to prosperity, you need to find a new ride.  We'll show you how. C'mon! Thousands of our clients have kicked the "poor" habit to the curb and fully stepped into a different way of living.  You can, too! In prosperity and fun, Jeanna and Eva
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