I love that I have the freedom to write about tactical ways to create wealth one week and then swing to the edge of metaphysics in the next! I interviewed my longtime friend Bridget Engel because I’ve always respected her business mind, her real estate smarts, and she’s a damn good coach.

Whether you believe in angels (some of you may prefer to think of them as inner guides) or not, I urge you to keep an open mind and read this article if you want to take a shortcut to your business goals.

Jeanna: How did you start tapping into angels?

Bridget: I lived a lot in the spiritual realm. I had a belief that everything would come to me easily after I became twenty-one years old. Before that, I worked very hard. I love blending both strategy and spirituality in my life. And quite frankly, I don’t like being poor!

Jeanna: How do you specifically connect to your angels?

Bridget: I begin the setup of my day by invoking the angels in. I ask them to help keep my heart open to love, leave my ego out, and ground myself 5–6 times a day. It’s a practice. I imagine dropping a grounding cord from me into Mother Earth. Anytime I feel discord in my day, I drop it down and let go of the stress. In order to physically manifest, you have to ground your body first.

Angels are like life coaches without physical bodies. I set my intentions for what action steps to take for the day. It’s a lie that you just tap into the divine and everything you want shows up. It takes purpose and focus and then the right people and situations will come to you. And you will take action.

Most people don’t take action because of fear. They doubt themselves. If I feel fear, I call in Archangel Michael and ask him to vacuum the negative thoughts out of me. Or I ask to be released from the Grid of Illusion. I say it 3 times.

Jeanna: I love that! The Grid of Illusion! All fear is an illusion.

Do you use angels when doing a real estate deal or in your different businesses?

Bridget: Yes, I once wanted to buy a vacation rental. Then, I asked for a property in an up-and-coming area in Miami. I asked the angels to help bring it in. I was guided to call a certain person. Then, I was guided to put an offer in on one of the deals the woman told me was already in progress with a buyer. The woman thought I was nuts. But that night she called back to say the deal had fallen through, and I got the deal!

Next, I had a clear image of Hawaii. My business partner had a good feeling about Hawaii. My partner started researching the real estate market there. We were following different threads of information. Then, we found a house that we were going to put a second story on and found out a couple of inches of the house was on county property so it wasn’t going to work.

You can’t get disappointed when something falls through. You must trust that something better is going to happen.

Angels know the path that is best suited to you. Angels are at free will. They will not intervene. They don’t help unless you ask. The most important thing to get from all of this is that you must ask!

You have got to notice and be diligent about your thoughts. That is Metaphysics 101. It’s always best to go back to the basics. Thoughts create reality. If you don’t like what’s in your life, go back and ask yourself, “What are my key thoughts? What have they been?”

Jeanna: What is an angel?

Bridget: The word angel means messenger. Angels are our gift from God, and they bring messages from the divine mind of our creator. They have a very high spiritual mind with no body or ego. They only operate out of pure love and light.

Jeanna: Can people communicate with angels without seeing them?

Bridget: Every person has four methods for receiving divine guidance: through sight, sound, feeling, and thought. When asking for divine guidance, focus on what is truly in your heart.

Clairvoyance means clear seeing and brings guidance as still pictures, miniature movies in your mind’s eye, or outside of your head. For example, the angels may communicate with you by showing you a rainbow, or you may be led to view a certain movie.

Clairaudience means clear hearing and involves hearing your guidance through words coming from within your head or outside; it may not sound like your own voice. For example, the angels use very short messages or a word and will keep repeating it until you act on the guidance.

Clairsentience means clear feeling and involves receiving guidance as an emotion or physical sensation, such as a smell, touch, or tightened muscles. For example, if you’re wondering whether to take a job, you may get a tightening in your body, which would mean no, or an uplifting feeling in your body, which would mean yes.

Claircognizance means clear knowing; suddenly you will know something for a fact without knowing how you know. For example, you’ll suddenly know a fact, have an insight, or be able to fix something without knowing how.

We usually receive guidance through the same communication channel or channels that we experience every day. For example, if you’re more visual, you are likely to be clairvoyant. If you pay attention to people’s voices, music, and noises, your channel is auditory. Other people experience life through their emotions and senses and are feeling orientated. Those who focus on the underlying messages and meanings of their experiences are more cognitively orientated. You may be open to all these channels, but you will find you are usually stronger in one channel. Choose your predominant channel, and for the next week focus entirely on that channel, noticing what you discover.

The angels communicate with us in many ways. It could be through noticing a song, reading a phrase in a book, someone saying the right thing at the right time, or finding a feather. It’s about noticing the signs, paying attention, and trusting.

The first step in opening the divine communication channels is by making the decision to do so. The deeper you breathe will also help the angels to communicate with you. They imbue each molecule of oxygen with guidance and instruction.

Anytime you want rapid movement in your life, breathe more. Keep your physical body healthy through light nutritional foods, exercise, and drinking plenty of water. This will help the angels communicate more powerfully and clearly to you.

Jeanna: What about people who don’t believe in angels or think this stuff is too far out there?

Bridget: I never try to convince anyone. I plant the seed.

Jeanna: Why is it so hard for some people to believe in angels?

Bridget: Lack of self-worth. Angels are pure love, and it can be overwhelming. They feel it shouldn’t be so easy. They’ve made up that it should be a struggle. There is a belief in mass consciousness that we are inherently evil. When Christianity first came about, one of the biggest principles was that we are evil. Some folks will burst into tears when they read this.

Jeanna: Is there anything else I need to share with my readers?

Bridget: Angels do exist and are very real. As soon as you ask for help, they are there by your side. They have no time or space restrictions. If you try to force the angels to come in, when you are trying to make it happen, it means you’re in fear. You’re not trusting. You are in ego.

By the way, Archangel Chamuel helps keep your heart open and look for lost objects. I ask for help all the time, even with small stuff.

Angels correlate to the Law of Attraction (LOA) because of what they teach, which is action, hope, and love. They hold a huge space for us and help us to remove old patterns and mindsets that inhibit our growth.

For example, Archangel Michael helps to remove all fear. When fear is removed, it allows the LOA to enter. A vessel gets created, allowing for the light to enter. Fear repulses the LOA, closing your heart down, and you will find people will avoid you. The same is true of the universe, and it will not give to you. Fear and judgment are the LOA in reverse, and the result is pain.

The angels are about abundance. They understand the laws of the universe. Anyone can choose to tap in and be a part of that abundance. Choose to release yourself from fear now, today; do not be shackled by fear.

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