When you look for a way out of any corner, the first thing you usually ask yourself is, “What do I need to do?” It’s an okay question to begin the process of moving into solution. But an even better question is, “What was I focusing on that led me into this corner?”

You can trick yourself into thinking you are moving forward toward any business or personal goal by taking heaps of actions. You may even pat yourself on the back for making the effort. But have you ever noticed that you can bust your butt at work and still not feel like you’ve made much movement forward? I hear this a lot from clients. Heck, I used to be the one who’d work until midnight and still feel like I was never going to catch up with all that needed to be done.

Let’s just set the record straight: action is not the answer in most cases. Observing and poking around with curiosity at what you believe it will take to actualize a goal is a much better place to start. All actions are initiated by what you believe. If you think that going to networking meetings will build your business, then you’ll check into the meetings available in your area. If you think networking meetings are a waste of time, you’ll choose to market your business in another way.

But I’d encourage you to dig a little deeper with your beliefs. If you believe you need more expertise to be better at your job, business, or relationship, then you’ll constantly create situations that prove you aren’t smart enough to figure out the way to have success in that area of your life. You could try every technique in the “how-to” books and still be discouraged.

Why is action not the answer? Because the Universe is a mirror for what you believe and where you put your emotional focus.

It doesn’t care what you do; it cares about how you feel.

It always responds to your thoughts. Your actions are just an offshoot of your thoughts and therefore irrelevant when your thoughts are focused on what you desire.

Now, there are some cases where an action will make you feel better, therefore shifting your thought. But you’ll only gain movement forward when your focus changes.

If you are stressed out about money and make a plan to increase your income for the following month, it may inspire you to get excited about possibilities forthcoming. That shift in your confidence could be the very thing that will generate an increased income.

But action without shifting your focus is a waste of time and energy.

Shift your focus and beliefs, and then any action you take that feels good will support your desired outcome. In fact, you could take actions that didn’t yield results in the past but now they do. When your perspective is different, the actions seem to give you the Midas touch and everything starts going your way.




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