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If you want to skyrocket your income in the next quarter…

There are so many unique ways to do this without spending a lot of money or time.

Before you get busy brainstorming how you would do this in your business, ask yourself what you want your potential clients to feel like when they interact with your company or marketing.

We recently went snow skiing in Park City, Utah, at Deer Valley Resort. It was our first time there, and other than it being a resort for skiers only (no snowboarding allowed), we expected the normal ski resort experience.

But it wasn’t normal.

We parked curbside to unload all of our gear…

… (which is usually a bit chaotic with our 8 and 10-year-olds) and an employee approached our car and asked if we needed help.

I excitedly accepted and was blown away when the woman helped us unload and stack our gear close to the chairlift. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. Never.

Everything about the resort was designed to make it easy for skiers to park, grab a free shuttle, and then put their boots on in a warm and comfortable locker room where you can also store your street clothes and shoes.

It felt like the resort’s priority was our ease, not making money. (Shocking in the ski resort world.)

Above and beyond all this was the friendliness and helpfulness of every employee we encountered. If someone saw me looking at the trail map, they ran over to help. They asked us how we were doing every single time we got on a chairlift.

They looked in our eyes and smiled when we got off the chairlift.

Every. Single. Time.

They truly cared about our experience.

We became insta-fans!

It didn’t hurt that they also store your skis overnight free of charge and serve the best food I’ve ever tasted on a mountain.

They want to be the best, and it shows. Other resorts see how little they can get away with and make a profit… or at least that’s how it feels on this side of the coin.

One of our core values at MasterPeace Coaching is to surprise and delight, even before a client invests.

We put a huge amount of time and effort into producing free training and resources all year long. (Are you in our free Facebook community?) Even if the person consuming our free stuff never buys, it’s our intention that they walk away uplifted and more clear about their next steps in business and life.

If a client makes a request about how we can make our material easier for them to implement, we do everything possible to make it happen.

I send our high-end clients goodies and personal cards.We give our clients extra help on the side to ensure they keep moving forward. My team does this too, without me having to say a word.

When customers and clients get that you truly care and are willing to go the distance, you’ll always reap the rewards in the end.

Happy clients, happy bank account. 😉

Get clear on the experience you want for your tribe, and let your heart do the brainstorming to make it pleasure-filled for your 5-Star Clients before, during, and after they buy.

Whatcha gonna do to create an even better client experience?

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Dr. Allen
So simple and sooooo true, Jeanna! The obvious of how to create a lovely experience and even a lovelier world is so often missed. Blessings, Dr. Allen