Does it feel like you have the potential to be a

rock star entrepreneur but your sales suck and

marketing has become a four-letter word?




If you …

  • Hate being fake, salesy or pushy (and let’s face it … desperate!)
  • Don’t like trying hard to say the right thing to get the client
  • Get nervous about raising your prices
  • Are sick of spending energy on marketing that yields little results
  • Don’t dig playing head games with potential customers


Then it’s time for a whole new way of filling

your pipeline that involves no gimmicks,

stress or sneaky sales techniques.

There are an abundance of experts out there who will show you how to make six figures with their ‘easy to implement’ (yeah, right!) strategies. But what happens when you listen to their advice and you still don’t come close to your revenue goals?

Let us show you the powerful results you can easily attract

by using vibrational marketing secrets!


JeannaJeanna used Vibrational Marketing as her BIG focus this past year and is set to double her six-figure income … again!

I never imagined that marketing could be this much fun … and skyrocket my profits in such a big way in such a short time.

evavbEva used Vibrational Marketing to develop, design and launch a brand new signature program over a 3-day span and had it filled without ever announcing it publicly!

Before that program was complete, she used Vibrational Marketing to download a completely new program that was 75% filled before she ever held her first preview call for the program!

… and she does this on a regular basis. This is not a one-time fluke!


Vibrational marketing makes or breaks any sales cycle or marketing campaign. It’s like gravity, whether you’re aware of it or not, it’s always in effect.

You can actually ‘tune in’ to the frequency of exactly what your ideal customers, clients and patients need and want to make them say HELL YES to what you offer.

This means that there is an easy way for spiritual-preneurs to make a really good living in a way that feels congruent with their personal values.

You have to learn how to train your brain to zero in on particular thoughts that activate your ideal client’s energetic connection to you. They will literally come out of hiding to seek you out and make multiple purchases!

It may sound too good to be true, that all you have to do is play at your inner game to make more sales, but it’s not. It does take some guidance, though.

Vibrationally, it’s easy to get sucked back into the old way of thinking about marketing that doesn’t work. You have to make a solid decision to commit to a new way of marketing.

This commitment is worth it when you see that every marketing step you take attracts the results you envisioned and so much more.

Vibrational Marketing creates the Midas Touch effect. Everything you offer and give attention to will fly off the shelves. This allows you to be more creative, generous, joy filled and to live in abundance.



sarahjayne"I am not the person I was when the course began. Previously, I often unconsciously chose to be in a self-imposed state of worry—about my direction, about finances, about whatever! Now, I am calmly focused on a path that aligns with my inner values and also engages me intellectually.

You both made lasting impressions upon me! When I am tempted to slip into former patterns of thinking, I hear your voices—jaunty and charmingly irreverent–redirecting my thoughts toward a perspective of abundance! Combine this with the hands-on tools you demonstrated for us, and I am surprising myself at the new level of self-confidence and optimism for the future that I feel—thank you for this!! I also did my first JV launch!"

-Sarah Jayne





"5 years ago I was working for a large company and felt like I was beating my head up against a wall I could not see. Finally I decided it was not a match. Fast forward to a new career and I am back working with this same Bay area company and even with the same people yet everything is different!

This class helped me choose to bring my joy and my fun and my values to everything I did while letting go of the outcomes. Focusing on my inner game of keeping my vibration high for the value I want to bring to the world and focusing on having fun truly changed everything. And the visualizations were tremendous!"

– Melodie Ross





vbs-arlene"I am more conscious to check in with ‘what feels good’ before taking some action, whatever it is. You are so inspiring, and on your dime. Sharing your own personal experiences was very helpful in seeing what is real in comparison.

I love YOUR energy. You all work so well as a TEAM. There was no fluff. Authentic and caring is what I experienced. Keep doing what you’re doing, impacting and changing lives while breaking all the "Rules’!"

– Arlene Collins




You want some of that, right?!


Let us show you how to become masterful at vibrational marketing so that you can stop worrying and start making a whole lot more money! Let’s kick up the fun factor in your biz while you watch your bank account grow abundantly.




This ain’t your mama’s marketing program. Will you learn to be a ninja marketer? Yep, but not in the way most experts would show you. Vibrational Marketing Mastery will ensure that whichever strategies you choose to grow your business will be profitable and enjoyable.

You’ll choose one area of your business that you really, Really, REALLY want to grow and that will be your focus for the course.

Maybe you want to build your mailing list or get five new VIP customers. You could launch a new product or service. It’s your choice. You’ll be able to apply Vibrational Marketing to any part of your business where you want massive growth without pushing.


Here’s what you’ll learn from this program:


vbsredcheckmark Let go of worry so that you can easily receive the sales results you crave
vbsredcheckmark Download ideal (and exciting!) marketing strategies from your Inner Guidance
vbsredcheckmark Tap into your Inner Copywriter so your customers fully understand the power of your offer
vbsredcheckmark How to energetically align with your ideal clients to attract sales without a ‘marketing campaign’
vbsredcheckmark How to shift your marketing strategy when your plan bombs
vbsredcheckmark Access pure inspiration and excitement about what you offer (this will be key to your success)
vbsredcheckmark Turn on your ‘profit idea machine’ anytime you want to get cash infusions that make a huge impact on your wealth set point
vbsredcheckmark Have your website do your selling for you
vbsredcheckmark Tap into the mother lode stream of consciousness through guided visualization, for a massive amount of repeat customers


It’s time to open the door and allow your ideal customers and clients to flood in – the way the Universe designed the process to work!




Where is that EASY Button? Right here, baby!

We’ve all made the art of making money from our business WAY too hard for WAY too long. Don’t you agree?

This revolutionary program will forever change the way you attract income!


The Details:


grayarrow The next program date is TBA.
grayarrow You’ll be in session for 8 consecutive weeks.
grayarrow Each session you’ll receive lessons, exercises, tools and coachingto supercharge your marketing in a way that delights!
grayarrow You’ll also have access to our coaching in a secret Facebook forum throughout the program.
grayarrow You’ll be able to feel and see the return on your investment DURING the program.


And to make sure that you get everything you need to be able to attract exactly what you want and more, we’re giving you this bonus to send your marketing vibration to dizzying heights. ;-)


nancy_roundSPECIAL BONUS to everyone who joins Vibrational Marketing Mastery!


Bonus Session with Nancy Tierney,

our copywriting genius!


All of your marketing power dies when you rush, push or stress on any facet of your business or personal life. (OK, so it doesn’t completely die but it will definitely limp along if you’re not in the flow.)

You will never have to be in that icky energy again. You will trust in your power to attract sales and be a vibrational marketer who manifests exactly what you set out to do!


Sending you good, no Great!, Vibrations!!!



P.S. We priced this program so that it would be a no brainer for anyone needing a boost in their business.

Doing some simple math, if you use our methods to get even one new client, it’s likely that the course will more than pay for itself. Of course your business model may not be client-centric, but hopefully you realize that this one-time small investment can pay off hundreds of times as you learn how to use vibrational marketing to attract exactly the right customers, clients, and sales easily and in a way that feels great.

If you’ve got questions, just reach out: or

P.P.S. We used vibrational marketing to bring you to this page. And we invite you to "prove us right" by joining us in this program and learning how you can do the same.



About Jeanna and Eva


jeannaandeva2014Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving entrepreneurs, corporate leaders & their teams to leverage fun, systems and intentionality for high-octane results. An entrepreneur for 25 years she has a treasure trove of kick-butt tools to give you peace & profits.

Jeanna’s coaching marries vision, divine guidance and proven strategies. Her company, MasterPeace Coaching & Training provides coaching, programs and products that will transform the way you operate your business and life. For more about Jeanna’s products and services visit:

Known as America’s Divine Guidance Coach™, Eva Gregory is a master coach, Law of Attraction expert, speaker and author. As host of her own radio shows, Eva has interviewed some of the most influential thought leaders today. She has had the honor of sharing the virtual stage as a featured speaker with many experts such as Mark Victor Hansen, Cynthia Kersey, John Assaraf, and Jack Canfield among others.

Since 1999, Eva has followed inner guidance along with her Spirit-Enriched Business System™ to create a multiple 6-figure business. Her passion is teaching spiritual entrepreneurs how to tap into their own inner guidance and merge it with the practical steps to create healthy, six-figure businesses from a place of purpose, passion and prosperity. Learn more about how Eva can help you at

Jeanna Gabellini and Eva Gregory are experts in all things Law of Attraction. They founded their business, Abundance Abounds in 1999 to provide programs and products that teach people to prosper by mixing up a big dose of strategy, attraction principles, fun and a ton of energy. They are known for helping people blow the lid off what is possible for them and abundance!

Their book, Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, was co-authored with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup fame and one of the featured teachers on the blockbuster DVD, The Secret, can be found in bookstores everywhere.