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Divine Guidance Home Study System


Yippeee! You’ve decided to deepen your connection with your own Divine Guidance and unleash your Inner Magician. This is a very powerful practice that will change everything about the way you manifest.

We’d love to hear about the magic you create from tapping into this incredible resource. You may email us at Jeanna@MasterPeaceCoachingor We’re delighted to support you in this journey.

For each week you will find the complete Lesson, Groundings, Magical Moment excerpts and Visualizations excerpts from that lesson that can be played when you need a boost. Also, there is one Fearless Meditation Card for Lessons 3-9. These were created by Bridget and if
you want to order a hard copy, go here.

Following are instructions for accessing your MP3 filesManual and Magic In Action Plan.

To LISTEN to the MP3 files, simply click on the links below.

To SAVE the MP3 files to your computer:
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Lesson 1
Lesson 1 Grounding
Lesson 1 Magical Moments


Lesson 2
Lesson 2 Grounding
Lesson 2 Magical Moments
Lesson 2 Visualization Excerpt – Magnetizing Goal


Lesson 3
Lesson 3 Grounding 
Lesson 3 Magical Moments
Lesson 3 Visualization Excerpt – Releasing Fear With Archangel Michael
Lesson 3 Fearless Card


Lesson 4
Lesson 4 Grounding
Lesson 4 Magical Moments
Lesson 4 Visualization Excerpt – Forgiving Others
Lesson 4 Visualization Excerpt – Forgiving Self 
Lesson 4 Letting Go Card


Lesson 5
Lesson 5 Grounding
Lesson 5 Magical Moments
Lesson 5 Visualization Excerpt – Meeting The Dream Team
Lesson 5 Magnificence Card


Lesson 6
Lesson 6 Grounding
Lesson 6 Magical Moments
Lesson 6 Visualization Excerpt – Breathing In Yellow Power Ray
Lesson 6 Visualization Excerpt – Recalling Power
Lesson 6 Power Card


Lesson 7
Lesson 7 Magical Moments
Lesson 7 Visualization Excerpt – Screen Door of Love
Lesson 7 Visualization Excerpt – Spotlight of Truth
Lesson 7 Visualization Excerpt – Trust Test
Lesson 7 Trust Card


Lesson 8
Lesson 8 Grounding
Lesson 8 Magical Moments
Lesson 8 Visualization Excerpt – A Divine Hug
Lesson 8 Intention Card


Lesson 9 
Lesson 9 Grounding
Lesson 9 Magical Moments
Lesson 9 Visualization Excerpt – Rockets of Desire
Lesson 9 Dream Big Card

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Enjoy your Divine Guidance Home Study System!

In guidance,
Jeanna and Bridget