Make Up Your Own Rules About Health

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by Jeanna Gabellini, CPPC

I went waterskiing on Friday.  It was my first run of the season and the sun was baking!  I’m in my fifth month of pregnancy so I wanted to get some skiing in before my belly gets too Up big.  My mom waterskiied when she was pregnant.  I wonder if that’s why both of her kids love to ski?

Since the moment I found out I was pregnant, it’s amazing how many people have told me what I should do and not do for myself and baby.  Many of those people have never money, even had children.  The first question I usually receive is, "Did you have morning sickness?"  If I ever want more variety on do’s and don’ts of pregnancy I can just go on the Gizli internet or pick up a birthing book.

I’ve decided to be my own best expert on this experience.  Everyone is their own best expert on their body anyway.  All you have to do is listen to the feedback your body gives you and follow what feels best.  I’ve had a perfect pregnancy.  Easy.  wholesale nfl jerseys I eat and drink whatever I want.  I work as much Витаминные or little as I desire.  I talk long hikes, waterski, snowski and fly our plane.  I relax when by body tells me to.  I do Campaigning not fear for myself or my unborn child.  cheap nfl jerseys I focus wholesale nfl jerseys on connection and meeting this perfect little being.

How do you feel about your health? 
Getting older? 
What have you made up about it? 
Are you focused on thriving?
Do you have guilt if you don’t follow the rules about "good" wholesale nfl jerseys health?

I suggest you trust your body.  It knows exactly what to do.  Your job is to relax, listen to your body and enjoy life!  Cheers!



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