Fuzziness is Rampant

Fuzziness is RampantI’m going to intend that this article nips part of a problem in the bud. I’ve been talking to many business owners and solopreneurs over the last several weeks to identify next steps for them to up level their profits and make it fun.

Every single one of them had one issue that was a huge part of the breakdown: They were not making decisions about their outcomes. Each of these people has heard me talk about making concrete decisions about what they want to manifest in their business. Decisions are beyond setting a goal. A goal is merely a target you’d like to hit. It isn’t a decision claiming that YOU WILL HIT IT. When you make a decision, you have hopped off the fence of hoping and wishing. For the last several months, I found myself on that fence. I kept saying I wanted to make more money, but each month I made the same amount of money on average. The results were clear. I had not made a decision to increase my income. Once I made that decision with gusto, I doubled my income for the month. It only took two weeks from the decision to manifestation. Do you think you’ve been making decisions about your outcomes? Your results show you if you have or haven’t. The evidence presents itself quite quickly. If your focus is fuzzy about what you will create, you will never achieve the success you crave. All success is a decision away. I watched a television program last night where they profiled people who made their millions by starting their own business. Most didn’t have much business experience when they began their company. But they continually made decisions about how they wanted their company to grow and how they wanted to spend their money. The formula was pretty simple:

Inspiration + Passion + Decision + Action + Trust = MASSIVE Success.

What will you decide about your business today? Will you decide:
  • Who can support you.
  • The precise outcomes for this month, this year, and beyond.
  • To do it different.
  • To take the leap of faith.
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