Exclusive VIP Preview Event!

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Hi Folks,

I'm so excited! I just returned from a 4-day retreat with one of my
favorite mentors, Kelly O'Neil, the Million Dollar Marketing to the
Affluent Coach. The shifts that I've created aren't just about
marketing to the affluent, but about how I do business. One of the
golden nuggets I learned from Kelly is that I need to make my business
decisions based on where I'm heading, NOT from where I am. This is only
one nugget of thousands!   The reason I'm excited is that you have an
opportunity to access this information for yourself!

In fact, it’s my special privilege to be able to invite you to an
Exclusive VIP Preview event.  Just a handful of people will be
receiving this Exclusive VIP Preview invitation, and because I’m
personally connected to the project, I have the distinct honor of being
able to pull back the curtain for you several days before the rest of
the world takes a peak.

So what is all the buzz about?  It’s Kelly O’Neil’s much anticipated
Marketing to Millionaires Mastery University, and I believe the
information it holds could absolutely make the difference between
success and failure for small business owners and entrepreneurs – just
like you and me – in the coming months.

          o Call “it” whatever you like but the economic times are
different and it is unlikely that we will be returning to the
ridiculously easy cash, easier credit days of a few years ago anytime
soon – if ever.
          o The one market that can be counted on to have the money; to
be able to afford to pay for your products and services no matter what
“average” folks are experiencing is the affluent.
          o Marketing to the affluent and turning them into raving fan
referral machines is an advanced and essential skill set that can be
learned by any small business entrepreneur willing to invest in him/her
self and learn – IF you have the right teachers.
          o Kelly O’Neil is known in the industry as the “go-to-gal”,
the definitive expert, if you want to discover the genuine blue print
for marketing premium products to the affluent market and put it to
work in your business.  
          o Kelly’s easy to apply techniques have made a huge
difference in my own business and are the reason I said “yes!” so
enthusiastically to the opportunity to bring my expertise to this line
of home-study products – that and the amazing list of super-talents who
are also participating!

This suite of home study courses, collectively called: the Marketing to
Millionaires Mastery University features along side Kelly’s genius, the
“best of the best” in every area of marketing, selling and retaining
clients and customers that you, the small business entrepreneur, MUST
know if you are to thrive in today’s changing economic reality.    It
is an incredible honor to be included in this prestigious and brilliant

So here’s the deal:

As a contributor to the creation of these extraordinary resources for
making more money than ever in your business as we move towards 2010, I
have the privilege of gifting you a whopping 25% discount coupon good
for any product in the Marketing to Millionaires Mastery University
good until midnight, Pacific time, Saturday, October 31st

This is an incredible opportunity to take advantage of what could very
well be the difference between being in business and out of business in
2010 for a super low investment that will never be available again. This
is Exclusive VIP Invitation is NOT available to the general public, but
it is available to you – but only until midnight Pacific time October

Your coupon code is:   M2MEJV09

And the link to learn more: https://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?af=1046580

Please do not delay taking action!  Put Kelly’s blue print  for working
less and making more by  marketing high end products and services to
the affluent to work in your business todayat a price never to be seen
again so that you:

          o Reach affluent clients — NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE — cost effectively
          o Build a credible name for yourself in your niche or industry
          o Position yourself as an expert and showcase your expertise
          o Connect with prospective, IDEAL affluent clients
          o Drive traffic to your website so you can compel your ideal clients to engage with you
          o Build a LOYAL following that will ultimately produce new clients
          o Attract joint venture and strategic alliance partners that are aligned with your business goals
          o Get known by the media to further build your credibility factor

Ready to get started?  Here’s the link and don’t forget to enter your
coupon code: M2MEJV09 to save big.  But it is only good until midnight
PT Halloween.  After that, the discount goes away for good! https://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?af=1046580


PS: Still on the fence?  Let me ask you a simple question: As a
business owner does it make sense that if you learn how to consistently
attract ideal clients who want to purchase premium products/services
and who are willing and able to pay premium prices that you will be
able to enjoy greater profits and more freedom in your business?  Of
course it does! That’s not rocket science, that’s just good business

Here’s your link with all the “how-to’s https://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?af=1046580

PPS: And don’t forget this Exclusive VIP Preview includes 25% off – but only until midnight PT Halloween! M2MEJV09



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