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Stop the Chaos and Get Into the Flow!

Entrepreneurs and movers & shakers in the corporate world, ask yourself …

Are you giving everything you’ve got to your business, doing all the “right things,” listening to all the right people … yet you feel like you’re always behind the times and under the gun?

You know a lot of what you should be doing, but you can’t seem to “get” to those things because of all the urgent, got-to-do-now stuff that fills your days. Sure, you’ve experienced some success … but you can’t seem to move beyond a certain level in your income stream, no matter what new marketing or social media trick you try.

And at the end of the day, you’re just plain pooped, with little-to-no energy (or attention span!) left for any other activities or any sort of meaningful interaction with either friends or family. Yes, you’re still committed to your business, but lately you’ve been wondering…

“Is it always going to be this hard to run my business? Where the heck is the flow and freedom I thought I would have? Where the heck is the FUN?”

Look, we all expect some stress and more than a few challenges when it comes to making our businesses work, but if you’re feeling stressed, stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed more often than not, you need some serious Business RX!

Luckily, the doctor is in!

Hey, Jeanna here!

And believe me, I know what it’s like. In fact, it wasn’t all that long ago that I was in the same place as you … trying to do all the right things, experiencing some success and ready for more, but feeling completely overwhelmed, stressed out and somewhat discouraged.

Sure, I loved coaching and I loved my clients, but I was working in a way that kept me teetering on the edge of a nervous breakdown. I never felt like I was able to do enough, fast enough. I had a good team of people, but sometimes they seemed to create more problems than solutions. And no matter how focused or intentional I got, I still ended each day feeling behind, ill at ease and pretty wrung out.

And to make matters worse, I had nothing to show for all this stress and struggle … except moodiness, fatigue, and a slightly crazed look in my eye.

Because here’s the killer! The more effort and action I poured into my business, the less money flowed in. And the more unhappy I became.

Essentially, by driving myself to do more, do it right and do it all now, I was destroying both my business, my health and my love for my work.

But not any more, baby!

Now, when I want to get results faster, I slow down.

Now, my days flow like a lazy river on a summer day, at a pace that is perfect for me … a pace I set for myself.

I get a lot done, but I never feel rushed, pressured or panicked.

I have a team I can trust completely to do their job with excellence, ease and high vibin’ energy.

Best of all, my work feels like my own personal playground where I get to have fun every moment of every day.

And the money? Well, the money rolls in steadily, sometimes surprisingly, and it just keeps coming.

“Sign me up! I want my Business Rx”

Kathleen Krushas“I had fallen out of love with my business and this event has forever changed how I live and run my business. If you’re thinking about doing this event, Just do it! Jump in. Whatever is holding you back in your business, this is the catalyst to move ahead.”

Kathleen Krushas,

Cathy Anesi“I felt stuck, overwhelmed, over worked and stressed. Business Rx gave me a chance to breakthrough barriers that were holding me back and the confidence to plan ahead.”

Catherine Anesi,

Demi Karpouzos“I felt confused, stagnant, disheartened and frustrated. This event was essential and transformational to uplevel my business and life. The content, support and ideas were absolutely amazing! Your energy is crazy good and addictive.

Thank you for your generosity Jeanna and for what was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned a great deal and I feel alive! You rock in a HUGE way!”

Demi Karpouzos,

Stacey Corrigan“I was confused, unfocused, uncommitted and uncertain about my new business. At Business Rx I learned that it’s okay to pursue a venture that provides me joy. Jeanna is a masterful facilitator and gets to the heart of the matter directly in a loving and patient way.”

Stacy Corrigan,

How did I make such a transformation, you ask? Well, I’m going to tell you, but first, let me ask you:

What would your life be like if you could:

  • always feel good about your work, your business and the way things were moving?
  • love thinking, planning and plotting for your business because you know anything is possible … and it can all get done easily, without stress or struggle?
  • work with the most magnificent team of people so your time, energy and creative juice is devoted to the work you love, the stuff you’re good at and the activities that feed your heart and soul?
  • have fun every day. Not woo-hoo silly fun, but the thrill that comes from enjoying what you are doing in each moment.
  • feel deeply satisfied, at peace and energized at the end of your workday, ready to enjoy your evening and eager to see what tomorrow will bring.
  • be amazed by the way more money, new opportunities and new clients keep showing up for you … as if by magic.

If this sounds good to you, then open wide, because here comes some business medicine that may be a tad hard to swallow!

There is only one thing keeping you from the ease, flow, fun and success you want and need in your business.

You know what I’m going to say, don’t you?

That’s right. It’s YOU.

BUT… it’s not what you’re DOING or NOT DOING!

It’s who you are BEING that is cutting off the flow of your business.

And nothing, absolutely nothing, including your income, your growth, your level of ease, joy and satisfaction is going to change until YOU change who you are BEING in your business.

You can try on all the best systems, strategies, time management philosophies and team development advice in the world and none of it is going to do you one bit of good until you change who you are BEING in your business.

Now, before you gag on that dose of bitter medicine,

let me feed you a bit more.

If you’re serious about experiencing more success with ease, more growth without struggle and higher profitability while having fun, you need to step up and start BEING the CEO of your business. Because right now, you’re acting like a self-employed, stressed-out serf who plays small, reacts instead of decides, scurries instead of strides and runs instead of reigns.

“I am so ready! No more chaos. Give me my Business Rx”

Stephanie Bell“I really appreciate your direct, no-nonsense, “keep it simple and easy” and FUN approach! I value your many years of coaching experience that catches the subtleties in words or tone when someone writes or speaks and how you offer new viewpoints or ways of thinking or doing to help us “fine tune”. Overall I’m more comfortable and confident about where I am, which was my goal, and a LOT more trusting of my inner guidance.”

Stephanie Rainbow Bell,

Dan Gosling“I feel better and have one particularly good potential big client on the horizon.

Sometimes, I’m just happy for no reason.

I enjoyed the balance of Q & A and straight teaching in this course. In both courses I have taken with Jeanna, she is remarkably consistent and present for her clients. Always a day brightener!”

Dan Gosling,

Chantal Beaupre“I was stuck and felt like I was swimming against the tide, no matter what marketing or social media bandwagon I jumped in! No flow, no fun, and no financial profits; the picture was that bad and ugly.

That’s when I got the Business Rx System. I fell in love with Jeanna’s attractive energy and the high quality of her message – even it sometimes sounded so strange to my overly rational mind.

After one month to study the lessons and complete the various exercises, not only have I doubled my revenues, but I did it without doing anything different as far as sales and marketing strategies are concerned.

I literally have to pinch myself!”

Chantal Beaupre, n.d.

If you change the way you are BEING in your business, everything, I mean, EVERYTHING, will start to flow, jive and soar with ease!

Let me give you an example.

Meet Bob. When Bob came to me for coaching, he was really looking for a miracle cure. He was desperately afraid of losing everything, his business, his house … everything. You see, he used to generate $40,000 and upward every month. But over the past couple of years, he’d only been averaging $25,000 a month.

When I asked him WHO he was when he was making more revenue, he said he was happy, confident, at peace, on his game and having FUN! In our work together, we didn’t focus on new marketing plans, positive cash flow formulas or business strategies. We focused on who he was being in his business, his leadership style, how he worked with his team, how he thought about his business, how he approached his workday.

I gave him some need-to-know, behind-the-scene prescriptions that relieved him of alot of the pressures, communication breakdowns and indecision that was preventing his business from flowing and growing.

Now, Bob is making a heck of a lot more than $40,000/month! And he is confident that he will more than double his income next year …. and it will be a breeze!

So, what about you? Are you ready for the kind of Business Rx that can cure the root cause of your business dis-ease … forever?

Well, here’s my prescription for you.

It’s not another book or class that drowns you in complicated strategies, marketing tools or time management structures. You’ve been there and done that already, haven’t you? No, this is something completely different.

This is all about YOU learning how to lead your business to the next level of success without feeling stressed, overwhelmed or discouraged.

Listen, learning how to lead in your business is one of the biggest (and most important) challenges you’ll ever face in your career. It is at the core of every obstacle you face right now … from revenue generation to your fun factor each day. You may try to blame it on other stuff, but this is what your business prescription needs to address.

“Sign me up! I’m ready to be the CEO in my business!”

So, let me get you that prescription now!

Business Rx is a 6-session tele-coaching program that will transform the way you do business and allow you to:

  • slow down, set your own pace and get faster results!
  • stop reacting to those daily fires that break out and instead develop the Midas touch throughout every aspect of your business.
  • break those old business rules that are keeping you, your creativity, your instinct and your inner business expert paralyzed so you can let loose, fly freely and have fun!
  • manage your energy so you always feel at your best, on top of your game and in love with your work.
  • attract money easily, without more work, effort or fancy tricks, and know what to do with it!
  • tap into your creativity and download those perfect ideas, programs and projects!
  • annihilate overwhelm thinking (it’s just a symptom!)
  • communicate effectively, both physically & energetically, with your team, your clients and your colleagues, and experience darned near miraculous results!
  • implement strategies that transform pressure into clarity and have you moving at the speed of light without ever feeling rushed.
  • amp up the wattage of every system, person and technique you already use … and know which ones to ditch!
  • revive the FUN factor and let all of life become your oyster. This is key to blasting through any growing and revenue pains.
  • live everyday on your terms (yes, even in the corporate world!) and become a lot more attractive to the right people.

“Are you kidding me? This is a no-brainer. Give me my Business Rx!”

Shelly Quintana“Before purchasing the Business RX homestudy course, I was desperate for a program that was easy to follow. I was lost in the maze of free teleseminars and hodge podge business programs and that only made me feel more stuck than ever.

By the end of this program, I stepped into the position of confident CEO and connected to my inner guide every day. Now, I’m making amazing progress in my business. This is so different from that frightened new business owner I used to be.

Now, I know my ideal client extremely well and am attracting them so magically through new marketing messages and strategies. I’ve attracted a team that is awesome! I went from no clients to perfect clients. All the pieces are coming together so perfectly now and I’m having fun every step of the way.

Thank you, Jeanna!”

Shelly Quintana,

Steve Charrier“I have deeply known about Law of Attraction from my spiritual work. Yet, no one has ever made it so practically and powerfully useful as Jeanna. She has a grounded and business savvy approach that I resonate with, and her heart is in the right place, Bottom line: in a niche with a lot of fluff, she is the real deal.

During her six-week teleclass I more than tripled my business simply from doing the “inner” work. I got new clients in the US, Spain, UK, France and Canada. Going global was not even on the radar when I started her class. Jeanna knows about practical magic and can deliver the goods.”

Steve Charrier,

Julie Robinson“This course took the worry out of “how” I was going to achieve my goals this year. It allowed me to put a solid, inspired vision into place, and taught me take it one inspired step at a time! I’m well on my way to my six-figure goal!

I started a blog, which I have never been able to do before. I’m no longer pining over the day-to-day things that can be overwhelming. I am making choices as if I am a multi-national company, which has created a whole new pattern in my life and the way I do business!

Now, I wake up every day with vigor about how I am going to reach my financial goals this year, and it is EXCITING! I get all giddy inside, like I just won the lottery! Thank you Jeanna, I am so grateful to have found you!!”

Julie Robinson,

You are going to know the flow, baby, where you glide from project to project, conversation to conversation and everything feels easy, time seems limitless and your results blow your mind!

If you’re like me, you probably like things fast, fun and consistently fabulous. So, I designed this 6-week program to get right to the heart of the matter. We’re going to zero in on the primary causes of “bottlenecked flow,” stress, frustration and chaos that, once eliminated, will allow you to be 100% more effective and have a lot more fun!

Hey, it’s time to bring fun back fun into the mix, don’t you think? And by fun, I don’t mean woo-hoo silly fun. I’m talking about the thrill of enjoying exactly what you are doing in each moment. The satisfaction that comes when you absolutely love what you are doing and how you are doing it.

And bringing in the bucks at the same time!

The details:
The minute you register, the medicine begins!

Register now and you’ll be invited to join the Business Rx Yahoo Group where you’ll mastermind with the rest of the registrants and myself … and we’ll get this party started right then and there!

Next Class: To Be Announced!

Class sessions will be on six consecutive Wednesdays at the same time. All calls will be recorded, so no worries if you can’t make them live.

Each class session in the tele-series will give you strategies specific to the topics listed below. I will do live coaching on each call, and you will have unlimited email/web coaching from me throughout the program. Each call will be about 60 minutes.

“I’m ready to feel great about my business…. every day. Give me my Business Rx!”


Let Go Of Stinking Thinking
Business Rx Benefits Create a FUNcient environment that creates flow in productivity and profits.
Business Rx Benefits Use the power of intention to get powerful results.
Business Rx Benefits Ditch small thinking and letting your current reality get in your way.
Business Rx Benefits Adopt a CEO mindset… and still be playful!
Business Rx Benefits Lighten up while still running a hugely successful business. (This takes less than 15 minutes a day and it will change your life.)


Magnetizing Money
Business Rx Benefits Be massively attractive to your ideal clients, customers or patients.
Business Rx Benefits Allow more money to flow in by changing your focus.
Business Rx Benefits Create an immediate cash infusion without creating more stuff to-do.
Business Rx Benefits Manifest and fully embrace more abundance.


The Perfect Answer
Business Rx Benefits Transform overwhelm into BIG TIME positive focus and productive flow.
Business Rx Benefits Tap into your own Inner Business Expert and download what you need to make confident decisions and decisive action.
Business Rx Benefits Access and nurture the brilliance of every member of your team (even solopreneurs have teams).
Business Rx Benefits Achieve hi-octane results by to aligning your thoughts, behavior and actions.


Marketing Message
Business Rx Benefits Stop smothering your marketing, upsell and enrollment mojo.
Business Rx Benefits Create new marketing rules that match your values, follow your instincts and use your strengths.
Business Rx Benefits Make business a FUN game you always win.
Business Rx Benefits Use your (and your team’s) authentic gifts to attract ideal opportunities and clients.
Business Rx Benefits Plan with bigger vision and create an action plan that is inspiring and fun!.


Live Q&A
Business Rx Benefits This session is for you to get specific, personalized VIP coaching on any business or leadership challenges you face. Together, we’ll create solutions that put you at ease, generate excitement and give you specific next steps to create a “funcient” business.


Super Synergy
Business Rx Benefits Attract and identify the perfect people and resources when you need them.
Business Rx Benefits Go way beyond what you “think” you can create.
Business Rx Benefits Take total ownership of any and all results (or lack of results) in your business.
Business Rx Benefits Tap into flow on a daily basis and experience miraculous results.
Business Rx Benefits Communicate more powerfully and effectively and get an immediate positive response.


So, are you ready to step up, sync up and lead
your business into a new phase of growth …
one that unfolds with ease, flow and fun?

What you will learn in Business Rx will nurture and fortify ANY business, project, idea or adventure you choose to create in your life … because it is all about the person in charge … YOU!

My job during this tele-coaching course is to show you how your bottom-line can go up, up, up while you enjoy the heck out of what you do every day. I will show you how to uncork the brilliance that is humming inside of you, just below that annoying buzz of tensions, to-do lists and people who are driving you nuts!


Yes! I’m ready to uplevel my business flow and revenue with ease and fun!

I’m ready to ditch the chaos and create a “funcient” business with Master Business Coach, Jeanna Gabellini.

Next Class: To Be Announced!

When I enroll in this special 6-session telecourse, I will receive:

Business Rx Benefits 5 Coaching & Training calls, each about 60-minutes long, taught personally by Jeanna Gabellini
Business Rx Benefits 1 LIVE 60-minute Q&A call, where you have the opportunity to have your own questions answered by Jeanna
Business Rx Benefits *Instant Masterminding with other hi-octane business leaders and owners through a secret Yahoo Group
Business Rx Benefits MP3 audios of all 6 calls – accessible the day after each call, in case I miss a call or want to hear any of the calls again
Business Rx Benefits Unlimited email coaching in between classes

Your Investment:


$597 = Paid in full or

$229 per month for 3 months

Payment Plan Option Available on Checkout Page

2 Pay


For optimal results, bring a team member/s.

1st additional team member is $497
50% Off Friend Ticket

1 Team

I also understand that reserving my seat is safe and easy, since my purchase will be processed through your secure servers!


Did you catch that offer to include a team member for just an additional $497?

Just think what could happen if you AND your team learned how to let go of the chaos and get into the flow? Just imagine the kind of team you could have if everyone was aligned with magnetizing money, tapping into creativity and fun and producing great results with ease? Could be pretty amazing, don’t you think?

Now, it’s up to you.

It’s easy. The choice is clear.


You can just keep pushing harder and faster, do more and have less, and always feel plowed under by your business.

Or … you can flow through each and every work day at your own perfect pace, get a lot more done by going slower, lead your team with ease, have a blast and watch more and more money come rolling in!

Don’t wait. Take your medicine.

Jeanna Gabellini

If you have ANY questions about if this class is a perfect fit for your needs, please email me direct at Jeanna@MasterPeaceCoaching and we’ll set up a time to talk.